Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What the Heck Happened to the Bathroom...

I was searching for my blowdryer this morning when I realized that it must be in Ashley's bathroom. I didn't think anything of it ~ until I walked into her bathroom! What the Heck?!!! First of all, we call it "her" bathroom because it used to be hers. Now, it belongs to Ashley, all the boys, and the guests. (We don't have very many guests anymore ~ the twins scare them away.)

Note the ELECTRICAL CORD in the sink.

Do horses like to bathe? (OK - yep, in our house anything plastic goes into the tub, but so do our real equine animals ~ like to bathe ~ not necessarily in the sink...)

Clothes on the floor...towels on the floor...towels sitting on the countertop that should hav been put away 2 days ago...drawers left open (what's up with that?)...I didn't look, but I hope the toilet was flushed (you never know when you have a 2 year old if he flushes or not!)... the chaos and madness was overwhelming.

Let me remind you ~ I'm not a neat freak, but the sight of this bathroom this morning about had me seeing red. Tim definately needs to get going on this remodel project. The kids need their own bathrooms so I can have a decent looking guest bathroom.

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