Monday, October 13, 2008!

Most of you know that our daughter does not attend school in our town. She goes to high school in a nearby town ~ about 30 miles down the highway. Each afternoon I have to go to the school to pick her up after volleyball practice (30 minutes one way). On my way home, I get the phone call. The one from my husband that goes, "um...I have an Ag. Advisory Board meeting tonight. I have to leave in 45 minutes." Yeah - OK. It's not like the school is 10 minutes up the road!!!! By the time I get home, I'm rushing to get dinner made. Thankfully, my frustrating husband is not afraid of "women's work." He had fed and bathed both of the twins. Great. One chore down... I quickly decided what to make for dinner. I came up with my own standby for quick nights: Chicken/Artichoke/Pesto Pizza. This is literally the easiest dinner in the world to make. It is good and healthy. (Well, if you go easy on the cheese ~ which we don't.)

What is needed:

Pesto sauce. Mine is purchased already prepared.

Boboli pizza crust.

Mozzarella cheese

Shredded (or chopped) Chicken (The photo has chopped chicken, but we used shredded chicken tonight and it was better ~plus we got to use up leftover chicken!)
Artichoke hearts (yep, I keep those in my cupboard as well)
Heat the oven. Spread the pesto sauce on the crust. Sprinkle on the cheese, chicken, and artichoke hearts. Bake for 10 minutes. While the pizza is baking, chop some veggies for a salad an voila. You have an easy, quick meal.

The next dilemma I thought I would have was getting Stephan (our 2 year old) to eat the pizza. I didn't exactly tell him what was on it. Just that it was pizza. I also thought I picked all the artichoke hearts off his slice. Oops - when he bit into one he declared, "I no like this pizza." Ironically, he opted to finish the pizza versus the pb&j backup for those who choose not to eat what mom makes for dinner.

Wow - dad is off at his meeting, all the kids are bathed, they are now in slumber land, and I'm off for a hot bubble bath.

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