Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Great Wolf Lodge

The reason we chose the Great Wolf Lodge is because...
they still had vacancy two weeks prior to Spring Break.

We arrived very weary...
(I had gotten us lost...we ended up in Oklahoma.  Don't ask.  Especially around Tim.  I'm not really sure how it happened.  I'm blaming it on Texas.)
We arrived tired...
We arrived late in the evening.

The minute we got to our room though....
that all changed!
The first thing my boys ALWAYS do is head out to the balcony.
It must be a guy thing.
They want to know what is outside their door.
Here, they discovered they could see the indoor water park.
Oh boy!

Tyler was so thrilled.
They would have their own room with bunkbeds and all!

Aiden found a window!

"Ummm....Mom.  Is it going to be scarey sleeping up here?"
Tyler is my worrier.

He looks like he is trying to order take out!

My Three Sons!
Their "cabin" was decorated really cute!

Our room...
I prefer a little more separation between the couch and bed, but at least the boys were in their own room.

Cute little gas fireplace...

Isaiah was planning to sleep in front of the "camp fire".

...but not before a bedtime snack!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Baby!

And we are off...
Tim and I, along with the three boys, are heading to Kansas City, KS to The Great Wolf Lodge.  (Don't ask why...we aren't sure.)
After planning our route, we decided that Amarrillo, TX would be the best place to spend the first night.  That meant only about 8 hours of driving.  Perfect.  We would  leave around lunch time so the boys would nap, take a quick break, and then they could watch movies the rest of the way.

Did you seriously think that I we would EVER stick to a plan?  A time?  or Even a route? 

Well, let's just say...we left.
Nope.  I hadn't fueled up.
Nope.  I didn't go to the office and yes, we would need stop by so I could pick stuff up.
Nope.  Tim didn't want to travel the route I had planned.
Nope.  We didn't wait until lunch.

But we were off!
This only looks like a small vehicle...
in it, we have...
clothes for 5 for a week,
swimsuits/towels for 3 days,
3 car seats - 3 pillows - 5 blankets
computer - basket filled with "work stuff"
(yep, I still have to work when I'm gone!)
toys for 3 boys (that took up one suitcase!)
ice chest,
car activity chest (dvds, books, video games, crayons, white boards, coloring books),
ipod, books on cd, car charges, ipod charger, gps...(you get the idea?)
and because Tim doesn't like to eat out and our hotel room doesn't have a full kitchen...
we have A LOT of my electric appliances as well!
and COFFEE!  I didn't forget the COFFEE!!!
(but I did forget the filters...good thing we are near a Walmart!)

Thank goodness Isaiah had a map of Texas.  We might need it when we get through AZ and NM!

Tyler found the video games before we even pulled out of the driveway!
We had games...

This kid!  I have no words...
We had silliness...
We had movies...

and we had sleeping!

My plan was to stop every 2-3 hours, get out of the vehicle, run a few laps at a rest area, grab a healthy snack, then jump back in the car fully revived.

It happened once.  Because a child had to go potty.  Along the side of the highway.
We didn't need fuel so Tim didn't see any reason to stop.
The end.

Before we left the hotel the next morning to head into Kansas City...I had the boys do some exercising...

Yes.  I condone jumping from one bed to the other.

Yes.  There is often a referee involved to determine "height of jump".

There are full body landings.

and there is yelling.

Hotels are usually VERY happy to see this family with 3 loud, rowdy boys leave.
They actually smile!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pie Kisses...or Kiss Pies...

Do you ever get bored and find that you just need to bake?
Well, that was me.  I was checking out a favorite site of mine, Frugal Girls, and came across this recipe.
It looked good.
It looked easy.
I had all the ingredients.
Let's give it a try.

Roll out the pie dough and cut circles.
(Big enough to cover a Hershey Kiss.)

Although I'm not afraid to employ child labor...
I'm not a fan of kids cooking in the kitchen with me.
Don't ask me why.
I don't like it.
I do it.

Tyler was very helpful - and precise - when topping the pie crusts with candy.

Then along came the Littles...
just in time to do the egg white brushing...

... and the sprinkling of sugar...

I even cut out little letters for each of their names from the pie crust.
Susie Homemaker...
Baked and sprinkled with powdered sugar...

The boys getting ready to eat their letters!

My opinion on the Kiss Pies...
they were a little to dry for my liking.  Maybe it was the crust - who knows.
It was a fun project, but we won't be making them again.

Smiles and Laughter!