Friday, September 26, 2008

Going FAR

Tim is running for school board. Check out the business cards that a concerned citizen had printed up. She got together with a few other citizens and decided who they would like to vote for and came up with the slogan. Kinda cool, huh?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wanna Buy A Duck?

A What?

A Duck.

A What?

A Duck.

A Duck?


Oh, a Duck!

OK - little summer camp humor. Seriously though, Ashley is selling raffle tickets for the Annual Benefit Duck Race that is happening this weekend. The raffle tickets are $5 each. You do not need to be present to win. Proceeds benefit Rotary programs worldwide. 1st prize - $1,000 2nd prize - $250 and 3rd prize - $100.

How it works - The number from your raffle ticket is stamped on the bottom of a rubber duck. No, yours will not be as trendy as my "Hippie Chickie", because I'm cool. Anyway, moving right along. All of the ducks will be dumped into the river, and the first three to make it to the finish line win.

If you are interested, call me tonight, Thursday, Sept. 25. Or email me. Ashley has to turn the money in to the Interact Club on Friday.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Silent Pie Auction

So, Wednesday night brought about the Annual Ice Cream Social and Silent Pie Auction to benefit the FFA Alumni. (They are the ones who give out scholarships to FFA students.) Anyway, since I don't really like pie, I baked other types of goodies. Check out the picts...

The Blackforest Brownies were so easy to make and the bowl tasted fabulous! I'm not sure how the tasted at the end of the night. I didn't win it - Roper Plumbing did. ;) Thanks Grammy and Gramps!

My FFA chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting sold for $50. Yeah!!!

And my 1/2 dozen large chocolate cupcakes sold - but I don't know how much. Maybe $30.

I won an apple pie. I don't usually like apple pies, but this one came with caramel. Who could pass it up? Plus, it was definately home made. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed! The pie is AWESOME. Ashley has even had 2 slices an she HATES pie. I'll post of picture of it later along with my bidding story...

Ashley Plays Volleyball

Hi Guys! I know, I know... a post without photos. The reason there aren't any photos is because my volleyball photos SUCK!

Ashley made the freshman volleyball team at her school. Yeah! She is proud of this accomplishment because many of the girls have been playing "club" ball for a few years, and they come from larger schools. She came from a small school. Fortunately, she is a fabulous athlete (like her dad), and she made the cuts. They have had a good season so far, and Ashley has made some GREAT plays. Since she is attending a 4A school, we travel to Flagstaff and Phoenix regularly to watch her play. Good thing my boys travel well.

Tim is coaching volleyball at the middle school in town here. When he has a game he takes Stephan with him. The volleyball girls LOVE him! The other night he came home and told me, "No like volleyball girls." Tim said that they never leave him alone. They are always holding him or kissing him. I made him a shirt that says, "JR ASST COACH". I wonder what soccer season will bring...

Anyone who takes good pictures inside of high school gyms is more than welcome to attend a game. Let me know when you are available. I'm desperate for a few good photos.