Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ashley began her 4H adventures at the ripe age of 5. She bought a $50 goat from a ranch in a nearby town. Not knowing what to do with it - we brought it home in my dad's motor home (the goat ran around), left it in the backyard (where else?), and played with it like it was a dog. In fact, it acted like one of the dogs. Ashley named her new goat, Shadow. He is a black agute. Shadow proved to be a great show goat. Ashley won the Booster Showmanship Award and many blue ribbons that year. Sadly, Shadow didn't like being away from home. He didn't drink or eat. We finally started bringing water from home to the show barn to keep him hydrated. When we finally got to bring him home, we decided he would be allowed to retire and roam the property at his leisure. (Yep, the ripe age of 1 year old. We should all be so lucky.)

Shadow has a lot of property that he roams throughout the day now. Tim's parents live next door, and Shadow has decided that Gramps has better grain than we do, but he isn't too picky. He also spends time out with the roping steers and still finds time in his busy day to visit our horses and cows. Occasionally, he will wander to other nearby houses and eat their weeds or trees, whichever he is hungry for.

Lately though, he has been acting weird. Now before you wonder how a goat can act weird, let me remind you that he lived in my back yard for a time. He has a definite personality. So, acting weird...the last few days he has been snorting at the cows and steers and head butting them into a confrontation with him. (I forgot to mention that he has NO FEAR! I once saw him head butt a coyote and chase him off the property!) All day long he walks around with his fur puffed up and snorting at the cows.

Is it the change in weather that is making him ornery, or is he afflicted?

No worries - this steer is not dead. He is sleeping, but will very quickly be awakened by the snorting, head butting goat. Poor little baby just wanted a nap.

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