Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Girl is Gone...AGAIN!!!

Yep, Ashley has flown the coup, again. This time she has traveled to Indiana for the FFA National Convention. What the heck? She just goes and goes now.

With her, she took my camera. That leaves the sucky digital here at the house. I hate the sucky camera, thus the name, sucky camera. More about that later, but that is one reason there aren't any pictures posted.

So last night I was at Bunco. (It's a dice game for women. No men allowed.) My phone rang, and because it was Ashley, I answered. All I could hear was a bunch of loud noise, screaming, and music. She took me to the Taylor Swift concert. :) She loves me. It was so cool ~ she said, "Mom, I thought you might want to hear some of the concert so I'm holding the phone out for you." Awesome huh? She's a good kid. No, she's a great kid!

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Anonymous said...

That was nice of her to call her Momma!

The baby chicks are so cute!