Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Chickens Are Here!!!

The chickens are here! The chickens are here!


Do you feel my excitement? And guess what? I was the first one to see them! Not Tim, not Ashley, ME!!!!

OK - enough gloating. I'm so lucky that Tim was working in town. I had one baby in the walker, one baby in bed, and Stephan was still eating breakfast when I got the phone call from the post office. "You're chickens are here to be picked up ASAP." Yikes! Do I wake up the baby? Do I make the chickens wait? I called Tim frantic ~ what do I do? He grudgingly went to pick them up for me. Thank you, Tim! :) (He loves me!)

Previously: Ashley emailed me from IN to give me very specific instructions on how to take care of her baby hens. Hmmm... since they don't lay eggs yet, are they hens? I'm thinking not, but heck if I remember what she called them. OH - pullets.

Anyway ~ she said take them to her room and blah blah whatever - the letter was lengthy and detailed. (Those of you who know Ashley are all nodding your heads going, "uh, huh..." I walked into her room to find the half dog house that she wants the chicks to stay in. Do you see how close they are to her bead? Do you know that even baby chicks still smell like hens and roosters? Do you know that poultry (live poultry) carry diseases? My clear thinking teenage must not.

When Tim brought them home I took them into Ashley's room to open them. There were (and still are) 16 little chicks! Then I read the directions and took them to the garage. (Actually, they went to the barn (too cold), then the chicken coup (too cold), and finally to the garage (a little chilly, but it will be ok). When I'm folding my laundry, I can hear their little voices just chirping, chirping. It is so sweet. I wonder why I held out on the chickens so long? They are adorable, and little, and sweet, and they sound so darn cute! I'm in love.

I immediately called Ashley and held the phone up to the chirping ~ and then I gloated to her. Heehee, I'm so awful. She was all gushy and said, "I want to be there.".... Too bad ~ so sad.

Since she has the good camera, and I have sucky camera, the picts are not great, but here they are...

This is my favorite chicky. I think I will name her... Cordelia.

I also took some with my phone and recorded the sound then texted them to her so she could listen to them all night. It will be good night time music for her. Not as good as Taylor Swift probably, but... who knows. She's an animal lover.

Ashley update: She has changed her ringtone to the one of the chicks chirping. My little chick is so funny!
We miss you Ashley. I'm having fun with the chicks! Oh - and daddy put a towel under the side door of the garage so there isn't a draft. He likes them too. ;)


christie said...

Aw. So cute!
Soon enough you'll be giving eggs away...

Robyn said...

with 16 of them I'm sure I will be inventing new recipes and trying to get rid of them. Since Ashley bought them, I figure I'll pay her for the eggs so she can learn to keep records and budget. The chicks are part of her FFA program.

Larry said...

Okay Robyn. This is my first attempt at posting a comment on your blog. Don't know if it will work or not. Keep up the good work on the blog. I really enjoy it. I especially enjoy the pictures. I do have a question though; why is there a chicken recipe next to pictures of the chicks? Is Ashley aware of it?

Robyn said...

Hmmm...I didn't catch that. Is it part of the advertisement bar? I'll have to go back and check. If there is a chicken recipe...I just might have to try it, and I'm sure Ashley won't mind. Maybe then she will invest in roasters as well as egg layers. I like chicken. Not sure the slaughter/processing fee would be worth it though. They don't cost that much...
Great job posting/commenting Larry. I like to read comments.