Friday, October 17, 2008

Gummies, please...

"Oh, Take my picture Mommy."
The deal for today was that Tim would come home at noon so I could go to The Big City to get my hair done. Ashley said she wanted to go with me, so we decided to shop and have a late lunch in the city. Off we went. I had already fed the babies, and Tim was in the process of feeding Stephan when we left. There was much negotiating going on... Funny, how at 2 they learn the art of negotiation. Ashley and I enjoyed a quick trip of shopping and eating before heading to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for frozen bananas. Have you had one? They are great!

I called Tim when we headed home so he could start getting the dinner preparations going. I arrived home to the twins in bed (yeah!), dinner almost ready, and Stephan had already been fed. I grabbed a glass of wine and sat at the table to talk with Tim. He likes my hair by the way. Stephan crawls up into Tim's lap, and I ask him about his dinner. He said he had gummies.
"Gummies!"In fact, that was all he could talk about. He wanted gummies. You have to see these photos. I'm thankful that I keep my camera nearby. (Even if I'm the only one who uses it... hint~ hint~ Tim.) For those of you worried that my trustworthy husband fed our 2 year old gummies for dinner ~ have no fear. He did not. Tim is very responsible ~ Stephan had chicken, applesauce, and M&M's.
"Oh! I had CHICKEN!"
He finally fessed up to eating real food.

"I love you Mommy. Have gummies, please?"

Do you see how cute he is? He is good at manipulation!

"Please.... gummies, or I will perish.."



christie said...

Ah man, with that face...I would have given in right away.

Robyn said...

No way! I'm a die hard. I can hold out... ok, yeah right. He got his gummies, but I made him sort the colors and count them first. Always the teacher.