Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reindeer Dust

This year, we decided to make "Reindeer Dust" to guide Santa and the reindeer to our home.
Where we live in the country we have random critters run through our yard.
Many recipes call for glitter, and if we lived in the city, that would be great, but we don't and I didn't want the rabbits, birds, javalina, or any other nocturnal critter eating the glitter and getting sick.
We used barley, magic reindeer dust (sugar colored with food dye), sunflower seeds, and rolled oats.

I gave each of the boys a spoon, and said, "Fill up your containers!"
Fill away they did!

The reindeer dust was very popular...
OK ~ This is grossing me out!
Mary Poppins would get along great with this kid..."Just a spoonful of sugar..."
Love this kid!  He has his container packed tight!
Off to Grandma's house...for a quick "dusting"...then back home to "dust" our yard!
Yep, these are classy kids!
Aiden with one croc and one untied shoe, Tyler looking like a grandpa with white knee high socks and slippers, and Isaiah...well, we never know what he will show up in.  Tonight he actually looks pretty good!

Aiden is DONE!  He has had it!  He just wants to go in!
Aiden in a pouty/whiney voice: "Why haf leave dust?  I no wanna."
Me:  "Because you made it.  Now let me take a picture and you can dump it on the ground for all I care."
Do I hear "Mom of the Year"?  NOT!

This kid already dumped his! 

Tyler sprinkled the entire yard!
The little critters were very happy with his "dusting"!

Off to bed to wait for Santa!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Random Shot of Tim and I...

In October, we traveled to Indianapolis, IN for a Mr. Rooter Reunion.  There was a formal we are!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Family Photoshoot!

Each year, I want a picture Christmas card.  Each year, I get...
I'm not available then...
Just Photoshop me in...
WaY too many excuses to make this mommy happy.

When it got down to the last minute, I pulled out the big guns...
Now, this has to be played just right...
it backfires.

This year...
it almost backfired.
Ashley didn't care.  She doesn't like to be in pictures, and Tim HATES to have anything to do with a camera!

So, while on our way to Grandma's for Sunday night dinner...
we detoured to the local park...

I was armed with my tripod and a friend of Ashley's.
I figured I would set up the photo, and all Marco had to do was "shoot"!

Here is what we came up with...

This one is cute...
I can work with the shadows...
do you see the kid in the front?
Seriously?  I FINALLY get my time with the family, and "goofy" shows up.

Now, we are talking!  Picture #4, and I'm feeling pretty good. 
See ~ now that wasn't so bad, right?
By now, Tim decided we had a good one and we should go home...
I had other ideas.  I like choices.  I wanted a water shot!  Down to the creek we go!

Between Aiden's hand placement and Tyler's cheesie smile...
this was a No!

Isaiah was being a goof ball and trying to "fall" into the water.

The thing about having multiple children...
is getting ALL of them looking at the camera at the same time, all smiling at the same time, and all cooperating at the same time! 

When you get a man who is "pacifying" his wife, a moody teenager, and three "cRaZY" little boys...
there will be funny moments. 
I'm so glad we had Marco to go with us and grab a few of the poses that I "set up"!

Ugghhh....what is Tyler looking at?

The kids are getting grumpy...
Dad is beyond ready to leave...
but Mommy isn't done!
Grumpy Aiden had BETTER turn that frown upside down!

I kinda like this one, but I wasn't sure...
There was one more spot on the way to the truck that I wanted to try out.
(Maybe this is why they don't like taking family photos...I'm picky!)
...and then...
we get a good one!

A little tweaking...
and that is the one hanging on our wall!

Enjoy a few random shots from the 30 minutes that we were at the park!
Ashley & Isaiah

Dad & Aiden

Marco ~ My "shoot" man!
Since he is wearing Ashley's letterman jacket...
we decided to say the "M" stands for Marco...
not Mingus!  (His high school rival...)

My boys!

Ashley & Marco

The Kids!

There is this really amazing tree that I tried to climb this summer when I had the kids at the park for the Spring/Father's Day photoshoot.  Tim, being a much better climber than I, went right up the tree to take the kid pict.  I love these kinds of pictures.

Here is Tim!
I snapped a photo of him while he was on his way down from the tree...
itsn't this a great tree?

I love my crazy family...
even when I'm fighting with them to take a good picture!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pizza...the Highlights Way

In the mornings, the boys often read their Highlights while I make breakfast.  This particular morning Tyler found a pizza recipe he wanted to try...
Enjoy their fun!
(BTW:  the pizza's were AWESOMEand the kids ate a ton of veggies!)
Funny Face Pizzas....
the pictoral how to..
Reading in the am...
First ~ you have to pick out a good recipe.
Then~ you have to go to the supermarket to get the supplies.
Next ~ you make the dough...
(because this mommy doesn't do frozen/premix)
Taste test time!
(The dough is rising!)
 Time to practice our cutting skills.
Aiden thinks this is fun!
He stretched his bell pepper out long!
Tyler only likes the broccoli leaf part.
Kneading the dough...
Everyone gets a turn...
 Everyone gets to practice!
Roll it...
Extreme concentration!

Check out Aiden's.
Tyler made an awesome smiley face!
They are ready for the oven!
Yep ~ mommy made one too!
While the pizzas bake, the boys practice cutting some more, and they ate the rest of the veggies.
Checking out the pizza!
This is one happy boy with a happy pizza!

Now, you saw how easy it was to make homemade pizza....
try it yourself!
(Our FAVORITE way to bake the crust is usually on the bbq grill.)