Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ashley is Home!!!!

What is the first thing that a teenage girl does when she has been gone from her loving family for a week?
a. call her BFF (best friend forever).
b. run to her computer and check her email.
c. gush lovingly over her parents and brothers.
d. check out the animals.

D!!!! She immediately went to check out her new chickies.

It was so cute! I was still using the sucky camera, but here are the picts of her with her chickies.

It was a good thing she came home, too. Apparantly, Ashley has decided that the chicken scratch is too big for her chickies to eat so she sat and smashed scratch with a hammer, and then hand fed her chickies. We have half of them named. (She even let me keep the name Cordelia!) I will take picts and post each chick with her name later this week. She still has another week of volleyball, and I think soccer tryouts are this week...never a dull moment in our home.


christie said...

Ah, sweet little chicks.
You're daughter is cute too! ;-)

Ashley said...

No. My mom is not allowed to keep the name Cordilia. She may come up with names, but I must approve them and "Cordilia" does not pass. In fact, my mother's "Cordilia" is now Alice. I almost have names for all of them, it's just telling them apart that's the trick.