Friday, February 22, 2008

Week 6

Seriously, Ellie is the best babysitter. She loves the boys. Aiden loves to lay next to her.
I have laundry all over my front room. It is clean - it just needs to be folded and put away.
Tim with the boys. We were on our way to Bible Study - they all decided to take a quick cat nap..
(Do you see trouble maker in his smirk? He just pushed brother over.)

Yeah! I made it to week 6 while still in week 6. I had the boys on this awesome schedule of eating/sleeping. Until yesterday. Bummer.

I was feeding every 3 hours during the day so they could get all of their calories in, and then they were sleeping 5 hours at night. Our schedule WAS 5am, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, (only 2 hrs here), 7pm, 9pm (and bed), then feed at 2am and repeat cycle. Well, Isaiah decided to remind me that I am not in charge around here - apparently he is! He did not sleep yesterday unless I was holding him and he woke every 2 1/2 hours last night. So, there goes my schedule, my sleep, and my planned shower for today. Good thing it was raining yesterday and we didn't do our walk/jog.

Tigger's Favorite Spot

These papason chairs are awesome! Both boys have a head congestion and hate laying flat. I can get both chairs in the crib. Tigger doesn't really care where the chair is - he just knows it is comfortable. (He likes the changing table on the bassinet too.)

Best Friends

Check out Ashley's shoes...
yep, they are pink flip flops with a rhinestone flower.
I don't have a clue how to rotate these photos. If you can tell me - great! Email me and let me know.
Leave it to my child to wear flip flops to a dance. I tried to get her to wear a pair of my birks, but apparently they are old fashioned? huh?

Valentine's Day!

Leave it to Ashley to wear spaghetti straps to a dance in Feb. As you can see, I'm in a sweater and a scarf. It is a bit chilly here.
Big sister wishing dad would hurry and just take the photo!
Charlie's Angels? Not these three! Charlie's Trouble Makers would be a better name.

On Valentine's Day, the boys turned 5 weeks. Ashley had a Valentine Dance, and Tim and I took the opportunity to go out for dinner. Tim's mom came over and watched the boys for us.

Weeks 4 and 5...because I don't know which is which!

Aiden and Isaiah
Aiden on the left and Isaiah on the right.


Grandma Goof attempting to take care of two! This is from the weekend we were down for soccer.

Proud Aunt Tricia! She has her favorite already!

Week 3...I think...they are beginning to blurr together

I think these photos are from week 3. They are also very possibly a mixture from all the weeks. I think you get the idea - they are growing!
Isaiah is in the blue, and Aiden is in the red. :)
Note my corgi, Ellie. She is almost always with the boys. If they are napping, she is sleeping on the couch in their room. If they are crying, she will come get me. She wants to be right there with them.

Ashley Update - Soccer

Ashley's soccer season is well under way. She is playing on two teams right now. She plays on her competetive team where they travel to tournaments and she also plays on the middle school team. For the Velocity, Ashley plays goalie most of the time, and occasionally gets to play out of the box as a midfielder. For the middle school team, she is able to play the field a bit more. They have a couple of girls that enjoy playing in goal and they are working really hard to get good at it.

Her traveling team, Velocity, had a tournament in Phx a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I even had to go shopping for summer clothes. We only wear sweatshirts and jeans where we are. The girls played three awesome games. They did great! Saturday night they even got to play "under the lights." It was an 8:30 pm game. We don't get many of those so it was kinda fun.

The middle school team is doing good too. Ashley has scored a few times so that is always fun! She was even able to play with the boys team when they needed players.
Overall, her soccer season is busy, but she is enjoying it. Did I mention that her dad coaches both of her teams? He loves it!

Ashley has also interviewed and been accepted to play soccer in Holland this summer. She will travel with the People to People Sports Ambassadors. I'm very upset that I won't be traveling with her, but I'm praying that she has a good time. It will be a tremendous opportunity for both culturally and athletically.

Ashley Update - Steer

Last weekend Ashley and Tim went to Casa Grande, AZ for the AZ Classic SAILA Show. Ashley took her steer, Joker. Joker finished first in his class for confirmation. Ashley won $50, but refused to buy dinner! (Smart girl - I was thinking Red Lobster!) They went on to the Grand Champion drive, but didn't win. Oh well.
For showmanship - Joker was too tired. He'd been up for 12 hours and refused to lie down while waiting in between shows. When he finally made it into the show ring, he was tired and a bit unruly. Ashley was given a participation bag with cool things inside!
Unfortunately, I did not go. The weather is usually awful down there and I didn't want the boys in the wind and rain. Since Tim took her, we don't have any photos. Dads just don't think about those things.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

2 Weeks Old! And we are still sane...I think.

The boys were circumsised this week. What an awful experience. I refused to be in the room with them so I waited in the waiting room. They didn't seem too traumatized. I was actually the one who was completely freaked out. I was nauseous every time I changed their diapers. I told Tim, "No more infant boys! I can't do this!"
(The top two photos are of the boys in their bassinet. Aiden is on the left and Isaiah is on the right. The bottom photo has Aiden on the right and Isaiah on the left.)

1 Week

We survived week one! Ashley does not like to listen to them cry. If one is crying she picks him up and tells him, "No!". Gee, I wonder what their first word is going to be.


Here are a few picts of our visitors the first days home...

Their First Week Home

The first couple of days were "cake". I thought that adoption was the way to go! (Well, duh. I can't do it any other way..) Beyond that thought, I wasn't tired (yet) or physically burdened from childbirth. In other words, I felt great! Little did I know that being a new mom would indeed catch up with me. The first week was uneventful - for the most part. Eat, poop, sleep, repeat cycle.

Welcome to the World!

Their first day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Family Has Grown!

Most of you know by now that our family has grown by two! On January 10, 2008 Aiden and Isaiah were born to us. We were able to be there for their delivery and stayed until they were released to us on Jan. 12. Our adoption is not yet final, but we are getting closer! Please keep us in your prayers!