Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

Remember last year(click the link)
When I felt immense guilt over the fact that I didn't make my kids' costumes?
I wanted to make up for that this year.
Really, I did want to make up for it....
It just didn't happen.

Tyler, being ever so creative (sarcasm), wanted to be a cowboy.

That might not be so bad if we lived in the city,
or in a suburb,
but...we don't. 

We live in a rural town.  We live in the country.  He basically is a cowboy.  We have cows, horses, goats, get the idea?

Aiden, being 21 months, doesn't talk.  We don't watch tv so there goes a possible favorite goofy, on my way home from picking up Ashley from school I stopped at a drug store and bought a box of gauze.  Aiden got to be a mummy...

for about 20 minutes, then Aiden unravelled himself.

"Quit looking at me."

"I'll be your Huckleberry."

Isaiah, also being 21 months, and of the same issues that Aiden has, didn't get to be anything.  He wasn't feeling well.  I had him wrapped in his blankies with a hat that said "Blanky Boy", but he yanked everything off.  The little guy just was not happy with Halloween.  He did walk out of the house at one point with 3 or 4 toothbrushes, so we decided to call him dental hygiene boy.  :)  That too was short lived.  See that large gash over his left eye?  He was not feeling well.

Ashley was a pioneer woman.  It was a theme costume thing ~ it went along with the booth that she was sponsoring at our church Fall Fun Night(More on that later.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shaving With Daddy

Tyler LOVES to shave with daddy.

Every time he sees Tim heading in to shave...he goes running. 
Aiden, not wanting to miss any fun usually follows...
not always remembering why he is following Tyler.

Aiden just doesn't get the same gratification out of the entire experience.

Hi.  My name is Tyler.  I'm three years old, and I like to shave with my dad.

Hi.  My name is Aiden.  I'm 21 months old, and I'm mortified.  I can't bear to look at the camera.

Daddy?  Are we almost done?

Time for the shaving part....stand very still...

What a trooper.  The things we do to be part of a club.

Looks like Daddy needs a haircut too!

Where's Isaiah?  He's the smart boy.  He stays with Mommy!  We don't need to be in that club.  We have our own club.