Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Roping

This morning brought about another day of roping. I sent Tim out to the ranch ahead of me because I was being lazy. I didn't get up in time, I wanted a shower, and I had a few errands that needed to be run. Tim graciously took Stephan with him. (Actually, Tim was going to take Isaiah, but the green eyed monster of jealousy attacked Stephan, and he wormed his way into the truck instead.)

When I arrived at the ranch arena, it was lunch time. Yeah, my second favorite meal of the day! After lunch, I took the boys for a walk, and admired the trees. We finally made it back to the arena to watch Tim for a little while. While the guys were resting in between ropings, Tim put Stephan up on "Jake." Jake is not normally a kid horse, but he has been an angel with Stephan.

Let me give you a little background on young Stephan. When he arrived at our house, he had never seen a horse in real life. He was terrified of them, and wouldn't go near the pasture or corrals. We were fine with this.

A few weeks ago (see post: Life in the Fast Lane) Stephan rode for the first time. Today, was no exception. He wanted to be on "his horse" the entire day. So, when Tim was resting, Stephan was riding. When Tim needed to bring cattle up, Stephan rode with him. It is so exciting to see him overcome his fears, and embrace the lifestyle that he has been placed in. Stephan is often found wearing Tim's cowboy hat, and of course he wears his own boots most of the time. (Yep, even with shorts. It is a lovely sight...)

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christie said...

It's wonderful he overcame his fears. These photos are amazing!