Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Today, we ditched church so Tim could go roping. We went to a neighboring ranch. The weather was beautiful. Stephan even played with other kids a little bit. The highlight of our day was Stephan riding the horse with Daddy. Stephan has only lived with us for about 2 months. He was not exposed to large animals until he came into our care. Since then, we offer him the chance to ride whenever we are out at the corals or at a roping. Today, for the very first time, Stephan rode with Dad. I was so excited. I took a few photos, then went back to paying attention to the babies. All of a sudden I heard squealing from Stephan. I look up and Tim is loping around the arena. Stephan is loving it! I took a video on my camera ~ if I can upload it to the blog I will. I'm not sure you can hear his squeals of excitement though. Overall, it was a good day. (And hey, money wise - Tim broke even. That is always good.)

I hope the video shows the excitement of Stephan..

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