Sunday, June 13, 2010

California or Bust....

We are in route to California as I type.  I love my new MiFii from Verizon.  :) 
I can:
  • blog - because I'm bored, have time, don't have kids with me, have my external hard drive with pictures to add, and I have mobile air time!
  • mapquest - thank goodness because the gps decided to go to sleep...for a very long time!  We are going to some friends house for dinner.  I would really like to make it on time.  I don't like to miss dinner! 
  • Facebook - because I've joined that cult of friends.  It's almost as addicting as Starbucks, dark chocolate, and red wine.
  • PhotoShop - because I have time without kids!  The freeways are bumpy, but I might get a photo blog ready for you lovely readers of mine!  (all 4 of you...)
Roth Reporter
The News...from our house to yours...
Ashley left for church camp last Saturday.  75 kids, 11 adults, 2 large school busses, one truck with so much luggage piled in the back that is was slightly squatted.  She won't be back until this coming Sunday.  They attend a camp in the mountains of California so it takes 2 days to get there and back.
It is funny to watch the kids when she is gone.  Isaiah checks her room daily...Sissy?  Sissy?  Then he wanders calling for her.  Tyler and Aiden don't go near her room.  She has a pirate that lives in there and if they enter it will eat them.
Tyler is in swim lessons.  As long as he has his goggles he can go under water.  He is really enjoying the class this year.  Yippee!  He desperately needs a hair cut, and he reminds me daily, but my clippers broke and I haven't gone into town to buy new ones yet.  He is loving not going to preschool daily.  He is still waking up at 5:30am though...  Not the kind of summer hours that I like.  He's staying the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Betty.
Aiden has caught his summer cold.  Every year (the whole two years of his life) he gets a cold when he starts swimming.  This year is no different.  When the swim teacher tells him to put clouds in his mouth before going under (it is suppose to get them to hold their breath) he puts the clouds in his mouth and starts chewing!  The kid loves to eat!
Isaiah is simply waiting for sister to get home.  He is loving swim lessons with Ms. Morgan.  He runs right to her and gets into the water.  He is still struggling with his hips so we are looking for a good pediatric orthopedic doctor in Phoenix. 
Both of the twins have picked up a bunch of words this summer.  It is just amazing!  We are so blessed to have such understanding friends and family when it comes to these two!  Our speech therapist is also happy with their progress.
Tim and I are just planning to have a nice kid-free weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My 4 Day Long Birthday Bash...

Happy Birthday to Spoiled Me!

Ashley and I before Tim and I took off for our "hot" date!
Am I too old for "hot" dates?
What exactly is a "hot" date?
If I have to ask if it was a "hot" date...does it still count as "hot"?
Ashley, are you embarrassed yet?

I LOVE birthdays!  I don't know if it is the traditions, the celebrations, the cake, the family, the dinner, the gifts, or the attention, but I absolutely adore birthdays.  Not just mine either...I just like them...mine, family, friends...any and ALL!

This past Monday, I turned 38.  Nope, I'm not afraid of my age.  It is part of me, and I'm learning to like me. :)
So, on Saturday night I began my 4 day long birthday celebration with my true love...Johnny Depp,Vigo Mortensen,Heath Ledger, Harry Connik Jr.,Vinn Diesel,Tim Roth.
Does it look like he is struggling?  Oh dear...
First, we went shopping.  I know.  If you've met Tim ~ you are not believing what you just read.  It's true.  He needed a new phone so we stopped to check out the new texting phones (because he is going to join the world of texters.  I'm so excited!), then we stopped off to find a swimsuit for me.  (This is no easy feat - let me tell you.  I hate myself in a swimsuit!) 
The shopping was followed by dinner.  A dinner that I didn't have to cook!  Hurray!  ...with a nice ending at the movies.  We saw "Just Wright".  It was cute!
  • Having an entire evening with my husband...all to myself...with no little children begging for attention...was absolutely divine!  I loved every bit of it!  (Yes, even the grueling swimsuit part...mostly because I saw a look of adoration and admiration on Tim's face when I tried on the swimsuit he picked out for me.)  I'm so lucky!  We even had the theater to ourselves ... for the first 20 minutes.

Sunday, we went to church then had the family over for dinner.  I made a chocolate covered cherry ice cream cake.  It was actually really good!

(Ashley driving us to Prescott Valley in HER truck!)
Hmmm...11:30 and 2:00...ok, close least she has two hands on the wheel!

My Mom! 
(She's not used to my constant picture taking!)

(Note to self: Use more lipstick.)

Monday, my actual birthday, was a girl's day treat!  Ashley drove my mom and I to Prescott Valley for a movie, and an afternoon of shopping.

Three generations of girls hanging out together.  What fun! 

We saw "Letter To Juliet".  Oh my stinkin heck!  You have to go see it!

The three of us in the theater.
(Yes I took my camera in.)
(Yes, sometimes I am a total dork.)

  Then we headed out shopping.  Ashley leaves for church camp this next weekend and she needed a new swimsuit.  (It's that time of year!)  She found more than just a swimsuit (on my credit card...). 

I think I had a pair of these jeans when I was in high school...20 years ago!

Dang.  My girl has legs!  Isn't she cute?  I actually kinda like this one..

no autographs, please

Seriously, she is the bomb!

Just a note...the items pictured...were NOT purchased.

Tuesday night was the culmination of my 4 day birthday bash!  I met my high school friend, Pat,
(She looks the same as she did in high school!)
 for dinner and a movie. (Yes, dinner and movie is the theme of my 30's.  I love eating dinner out and I love the movies.  It makes my life in a small town with few restaurants and no theaters very exciting when I get to leave and hit a big town or a city!)  We ate at a Japanese restaurant.

  I've never had Japanese food...(I don't think...)

You probably don't want to know that I think the soup tasted like Top Ramen, do you?
Is Top Ramen soup Japanese?
Should I admit that I've eaten Top Ramen?


He's thinking..."Oh Sheesh...I get the tourist lady with a camera.  It's just cooking with fire lady...are you a freak?"
I'm thinking..."This is so stinkin cool!  I wonder if I can do this at home..."
Would insurance cover this type of cooking?  The cooking with big fire cooking...

He hires out.  He's coming to my house to cook every Tuesday...

I was excited to try something new.  I got to watch them cook my food!  How cool is that?  The chef (are they called chef's?) made a volcano out of an onion. 

I seriously want to try this at home. 
I think my family would just be impressed if I could slice an onion like this and stack it...

It was awesome!
(It being: dinner, conversation,movie) 
Pat was such a good sport...she didn't laugh at me too much!  We then went to see Sex In The City, pt. 2.  Loved it!

I don't look the same as I did in high school.  The double chin isn't real.  Well, it's real, but I don't really have a double chin.  It's the whole "I don't know how to take a good self portrait" thing.
Dang...still needing lipstick!  Gotta get the hang of that makeup thing...

I had a fabulous birthday!  Thanks to all of you who made it lovely with your phone calls, cards, emails, texts, facebook posts...
Gotta love technology and great friends!