Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Official...

I have fallen off the wagon. This summer I declared that I would not drink another Starbuck's coffee due to the inflated calorie content. I still haunted the grocery isles aimlessly while enjoying the time in town and catching up on the local gossip ~ but I was drinking the Tazo passion fruit tea. Less money, fewer calories, and I could still enjoy the exotic aroma of Starbuck's coffee. I could sit at the drive through window of a Starbuck's all day long simply enjoying the wafting scent of coffee. However, life has thrown me a loop and I choose COFFEE! I've decided to work my way through the menu. I have some definate likes and dislikes. Fortunately, the Starbuck's crew know me by name (not hard in a town like this one), and they are always up to the challenge of creating an even better drink for me ~ they even tell me what I won't like, and laugh when they make something hideous and I make funny faces. Silly Starbuck's crew - it just makes me want to come back all that more often...

Today's choice was:

White Chocolate Mocha

The verdict:

Never order again.
What is it about sitting outside amid the garden flowers enjoying hot tea or steaming coffee? It is peaceful and deliberate.
By the way, I believe I was enjoying a Caramel Macciato the morning that I took the photo. I have the vanilla left in (duh~it's always the men who ask if I want it left out), and add 2 pumps of mocha. Okay - I don't personally add the extra pumps, I pay the Starbuck's people to do it for me. Once a Princess...

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