Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I refuse to admit I have an addiction.  I might have a very intense like for something...but I refuse to call it an addiction.  It is only an addiction if it has your name on it!


"The Larry"

BTY:  My name is not Larry.  My name is Robyn.
Be sure to check back later...especially if you know Larry!

Monsoons in Arizona

I absolutely love the AZ monsoon season.  We have the best ...
  • sunsets
  • storms
  • weather.
This is the time of year that makes it all worth while.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Have No Words...

This is Aiden.
He is a lover of LIFE!
He wakes up happy and stays happy for most of the day (he has his moments).

He also loves shoes.  Shoes of any kind - no "kinda like his momma" comments.
This particular day he happened to be wearing Tyler's slippers.  In this house, no shoe is safe from Aiden.  We all tend to hide our shoes so he doesn't take off with them.
He is also a hat freak.
Again, he has Tyler's hat that he has borrowed, taken, obsconded with, politely asked forstolen.
Tyler is very protective of his things. (For obvious reasons.)  Aiden could care less what anyone thinks about his actions.

This is such a lovable kid! 
How could you not love a kid who steals shoes, hats, and sunglasses all the same day that he was caught throwing cherries at his brothers because the cherry splatter looked like blood when it hit his brothers?
Only with boys...

Monday, July 19, 2010

She is Off and Traveling...Again!

Ashley caught a flight this morning at 7:30 am to the thriving metropolis of beautiful Waco, Texas. 

(She will be spending the next week in constant soreness.  Talked to her tonight - another knee injury and it is only day 1!  For those of you who have been with us for years... you know how critical this injury could be.  She hasn't reported it to the field trainer yet...) 

That meant she had to be to the airport by 5:30am ok, we dropped her off closer to 6:00am.  By "dropped her off" that is literally what we did.  Tim pulled up to the departing flights lane, unlocked the doors, Ashley jumped out, and I panicked! 

"I want to walk in with her!" I whined. (Loudly and firmly)
"Fine, make it fast!" Was Tim's impatient reply. 

It's 6:00am people.  Where is he in such a rush too?  He won't eat breakfast out, church service won't start for another 3 hours at the church we planned to visit while in Phoenix...DROPPING our 16 year old daughter off....!

I helped her get her bags out of the vehicle, I walked in with her, I looked at the line and thought,
"Oh my gosh!  What am I doing letting her get on a plane alone?



Without a friend?

  Without a coach?

  or a soccer team?


(I miss her already!)

As I'm stuffing her soccer cleats into her bag ("Mom, they won't fit there"), asking her if she remember a book to read ("Yes, I have my Bible.  That's all I need."), and telling her how to use the little kiosk, where to store her carry on, what to eat, don't forget to fill your water bottle AFTER you go through security, how to make her connecting flight - she said to me, "Mom, I'm fine.  I can do this.  Just go.  Dad is waiting." 

It makes me a little sad to think that she can do this on her own.  She is growing into an amazing woman. 
Ashley is simply...wonderful.
I miss her already!
Kick some soccer girl butt!!
God gave you a tremendous talent ~ use it!

We will always be here for you...
loving you,
supporting you,
for you to become the amazing, talented, and beautiful woman God has created!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saturdays are meant for girlfriends and spas....

 I'm truly convinced that one Saturday a month should be spent in luxury. 
Eight of us girls caught up at the Lamar EveryDay Spa in Scottsdale, AZ. 
We had the best time!
We were greeted warmly and allowed to add additional services last minute!  We were then shown to the dressing room. 
From left in a clockwise manner:
Jewelie, Christine, Holly, Pat, Christina

We giggled, we oohhed, and we aahhhed - then we laughed.  It is so cathartic to be amongst good friends.

Back Row: Holly, Jewelie, Christina, Trina
Front Row: Christine, April, Me, Pat

While waiting for our services to begin.. me (myself?), Christina, Christine, and Trina decided to hit the jacuzzi!  (Who cares if it is 100 + degrees in Scottsdale - jacuzzi time was a must!)

Then, it was be pampered! 
(Note: Not all services were conducive to photography...thus, not all girlies made this particular spot...)

Christine getting her pedicure.

Pat getting a pedicure.

I got a manicure!

Our services included pedicures, manicures, makeup lessons, massages, and Holly even braved a bikini wax! 
The staff at Lamar is very discreet and professional - they didn't know what to think of us!
I didn't know Jewelie very well in high school.  She was a year younger than me, and I wasn't a cheer leader.  (She was!)  I was friends with Jeremy - the man of her dreams with whom she is currently married!  She is a bright light!  I love her!

I went to middle school with Christine and April (the two on the left).
Christine also married her high school dreamboat boyfriend.
April moved to Camp Verde and married a boy she went to high school with as well! 
Weird happenings...marrying men you went to high school don't have any secrets!
I met Pat in high school.  She didn't marry a man she went to high school with.  Thank you, Pat!  I met Pat at the lunch picnic table.  Oh the stories that table to tell....

I can't remember when I met Trina.  Probably middle school.  Trina and I shared many a ditch days together.
Ironically, I went to college with Trina's husband.

Check out my hair!  It has red streaks in it!  I love it!  My hairstylist, Missy, thought it would be fun.
It is!  It has now faded to pink - and I didn't even have to pay for the extra color!

We had a dining room reserved just for us!  It was perfect!  The end of the day was bittersweet... we were relaxed, refreshed, and not wanting to leave the company of good friends.
As with all things good...they must continue!  We are getting together next weekend!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My HS Girlies & Reunion!

It has been a little over 20 years since I have graduated from high school. 
During that time,
  • I've gotten married, 
  • I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, 
  • moved from my hometown,
  • won a minor cancer battle (it's been 11 years - I don't have to claim it anymore!),
  • been a teacher,
  • adopted 3 boys,
  • gone through a mulitude of hairstyles and colors,
  • gained a few pounds,
  • and opened a business. 
What you might not have paid much attention to is the lack of communication.  I haven't kept in great communication with my friends.  I have friends here in my small town, but your true life long friends are often met in grade school and high school. 
I suck at maintaining those relationships. 
Sadly, in October, we all met up together to stand together for a friend who lost her husband while he was fighting for the honor of the USA.  (Thank you Tommy!  You are missed.)  I hadn't seen most of my friends that I caught up with that night in 10-15-20 years. 
Sad. Sad. Sad. 
Through that tragedy, I have made the time to text, email, and call my girlfriends.  Being friends is almost as much work as being a wife - but sometimes more fun!  It has been so healing and wonderful connecting again.

Recently, the girlies have started getting together on a somewhat regular basis.  We've enjoyed dinner, bull-riding, karioke, and just plain fun/silly/outrageous girl talk.

a pregnant Heather, Pat, Trina, Christine, Me, Jewelie, Holly
Not pictured is Christina - we're still not completely clear on where exactly she was....

Last month, we celebrated together at our 20 year high school reunion.  We also decided that the men should be involved.  Here are a few pictures from the Friday night mixer...

Dinner first!  Because all of us girlies like to eat!

Heather, Ryan, Christine, and Chad

From the back...Trina, Jeremy, and Jewelie (doesn't she absolutely glow?)

My long time girlfriend, Holly.  Her mom and my dad taught together.  We spent lots of time together both at school and after school hours!  (Remember Todd and Chad at the tennis courts?)

After dinner, we headed to Margaritaville for the actual high school reunion mixer (put on by Todd Babel - Thank you Todd!)

Heather (Todd's wife), Todd, and Andy
Andy and I met in grade school, Todd and I met in middle school, and we all went to high school together.
(In high school, Todd, myself, my brother, and a few others...decided we could have a band.  It didn't go beyond the "Hey, Why don't we..." stage!)

Gina and I  :)
Her parents woke up one morning to find a duck in their swimming pool.  Weird, huh?

Tim, Butch, and Stacey

Gina - my sweet friend.  She owns a coffee boutique in Phx, AZ.
They have amazing breakfast foods!

Us girlies....again.

Look!  My Tim was there!  He sat away from the crowd...

Warning: Butch, you have been put on alert...Pat now has your local number.
Jeff and Trina
I went to high school with Trina, then met Jeff in college...small world.

Check out my hair!
Missy, my hair guru, wanted to be daring for my reunion.  Doesn't it look cute?

Some of the old gang...
Jewelie and her husband Jeremy (who went to school with us),
me, Butch, Stacey (who married Butch and went to school with us), and Pat.
What's up with marrying someone you went to school with?  Is there mystery in your marriage?

Butch once cried while watching Ghost at the movie theater with Pat, Jennifer, and I.
No secrets amongst friends...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sign of the Times...

I was told to "Friend" someone today! 

I've become addicted to Facebook.  Afterall, it has brought me together with so many friends, and I've created new friends.  So today, while finally meeting with a dear friend face to face (for the first time ever!) at a restaurant, I ran into yet another friend (advantages of a small town - you know everyone!) and we started talking...long story short...she said "Hey, you should Friend me!"  In my mind I started ROFL!  It is such a sign of the times when two ladies in their 30's and 40's ask the other to "Friend" them.  We've been friends for years.  I have her cell phone number programed into mine.  Her kids used to babysit Ashley.  I taught one of her kids.  We have history!  And was still said..."Friend me..."  Such a funny term!

I love you Susie!

Dana ~ we will do it again!