Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st Dentist Visit

At the boys' one year check up, the pediatrician suggested I take the boys to the dentist. I figured that since it was time to take Tyler why not take all three? (Yep, I continually set myself up for this stuff. After a year, I should know better.)

Fortunately, my friend, Ms. Morgan, was able to go with us. She doesn't like it when I take her picture. Sorry, Morgan. You know me and my camera.

Ms. Morgan holding Isaiah. He hates sitting in the stroller, and all he had to do was wimper and Ms. Morgan would pick him up. She's such a sucker! Guess that's why we love her!

Aiden couldn't stop staring at the computer. It was full of very bright colors and he just loved it.

Here, Dr. Mitzi is explaining to Tyler that her gloves smell like grapes, and would he like her to open his new toothbrush? Doesn't it look like they are in a boat? Very cool office.

The experience was pleasant, but expensive. Tyler will continue with his six month checkups on a regular basis, but the twins will go every 12-18 months. The dentist was amazing with the kids, and her staff was very friendly. I think I scared them a little walking in with all of my kids. Thank goodness they had three hygenists that day! Enjoy the photos - check out the painting on the wall. The entire office is amazing. I was too shy to walk around taking photos! One exam room is all red/black/white Dr. Suess, another is Nemo, there is an arcade, internet, salt water fish tank, sports paraphenalia, and so much more. The orthodontist who owns the building, and has his practice there as well, hired a Disney painter to come in and do all of the painting. The orthodonture section is painted with BRIGHT - BOLD colors. Truly amazing.

Aiden went first. He has eight teeth with four coming in.

Next was Isaiah, he has 12 teeth with 4 coming in. We should call him chomper. His teeth are very crowded. he will need extractions. I can't wait.

Finally, it was Tyler's turn. He is at that age where he is very inquisitive. He talked to the Doc, looked at the computer, looked in the cabinets, looked at EVERYTHING he could before he got caught! He did a pretty good job of sitting still this visit. He wasn't ready to sit in the BIG chair yet, so we decided to wait until next time. (Looks like he's sitting in a boat, huh?)

Picts of the kids playing before shoving them back into their carseats for the drive home.
Thanks for helping Ms. Morgan!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Photos While I'm Packing...

Shhh... don't tell Tim that I'm multi-tasking. I have a hard enough time getting things done when I'm totally on one task!

Up and Running!

Ashley with Whisper. Whisper is about 16 hours old here.

Holy Cow! I was coming to just give you an update about the picts at Shutterfly when my entire edit bar showed up again! Hip Hip Hurray!!! Pray that it lasts. Here are few quick random photos from last week.

Ashley with Coral. Coral was checking to see what Ashley was doing with the baby. She is very protective of her nephew. Look at how big this heifer is! Ashley has her spoiled ~ but beware ~ she HATES kids!

I posted the calf birth picts at the other site (Shutterfly). Beware, some are pretty gorey. But mom and baby are cute. I don't have day one picts up. I'm packing for Tennessee and running late. I will try to get picts up from last week before I leave.
Ashey and Isaiah taking a break from working/chores.
Aiden with Whisper. Isn't this too cute?

Tyler with Whisper. He (Tyler) is intrigued, but wary enough not to venture out alone. He has a healthy respect for the bovine species.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ashley is a new mommy!

Ashley's little heifer birthed her first calf on Friday, March 6. Both mommy and baby are doing well. "Breezy" had a little bull calf. Ashley thinks she is going keep it a bull, but we will see. Since I still don't have an edit bar to upload picts, you will have to view them on shutterfly. Our official site at Shutterfly is I think. I will double check.

I have the entire birth in picts. It was definately a new experience. Sadly, Ashley was competing at the State FFA judging competition, and was not in town for the actual birth. She is totally bummed, but spent much of today petting him and getting to know him.