Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nikon or Canon

I think I have outgrown my camera. I have a digital point and shoot from Kodak that I've had for YEARS! I like it, but lately I've been less than happy with it. I notice that I'm taking more shots of random "stuff" and I would like to improve the quality.

Comment away people. I need some advice. Do I choose a Nikon or a Canon. I have selected one of each camera, but I don't know which brand is better. (Or are they equal?)

This is the Canon I'm considering.
This is the Nikon.

Costco has great pricing for each of these. I just couldn't figure out how to link them... I'm still learning!
Check out this Canon from Costco... (I think I like the Canon Rebel XS)
and this Nikon from Costco... (I think I like the D80)

What do you think?

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