Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life Interrupted...

Please excuse my absence. 

My son told me, "Mom, this house is a mess.  We need to clean it."

Lucky for him...I heard the "we". 

We will be back shortly...

after we...


drink coffee


drink coffee


eat snack
(grapes, tomatoe slices, & strawberries)

disinfect bathrooms

drink coffee

change sheets

drink coffee

make beds

whine about cleaning (me ~ not Tyler)

wash windows

drink coffee

pick up dirty laundry

create a random blog post and waste precious cleaning time

clean kitchen

* wonder where Aiden and Isaiah are hiding
(found them out in the pasture with the "nice cows")
I thank the Lord that He was with them...they aren't always "nice cows"...
(then I found them out in the other pasture with the chickens)

take out trash

wonder why the heck I fall into my child's neat freak desire

He is bummed.  He has to work ALL morning.  Wednesday's are usually for a picnic in the park or story time at the library.  Bummer...for all of us.  We are here cleaning.  I hate cleaning.

Yes, it is a tiara.  Yes, they are calling me Princess Mommy.  Of course I told them they had to call me that!

Titus 2 tells us to be busy at home.  I hate it when God talks to me through my children.  It just doubles the guilt.  Clearly I wasn't listening to Him so he spoke through my little 4 year old boy.
Yes Lord.  I hear you.  I will submit and obey.

Oh yeah...about the blog post and wasteing time...
and coffee drinking...

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