Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Rain is Bittersweet....

The Rain is Bittersweet...
A short commentary...
by a mom of a girl and 3 boys (but the girl wasn't home)

I Love the Rain!
I love the way it sounds,
I love the way it looks,
I love the way it makes my skin feel,
I love the way it turns my grass green,
I love the way it feeds my plants.

I don't necessarily love the way it makes my hair curl...
The rain is bittersweet...

I love that my boys aren't afraid to play in the rain...
or the mud!

I'm not so sure I like the fact that they found a sink hole in the pasture...
The rain is bittersweet!

Jessey does not like the rain.
She does not like the way it sounds.
She does not like the way it looks.
She does not like the way it feels.
Her hair is naturally straight...lucky dog!

I love that the "Mud Blog Monster" is not afraid to sludge through my house leaving a trail that looks like a giant slug slimed his way in the back door, through the living room, down the hallway, into two different bedrooms....and finally resting in a bathroom (already occupied by another sludge like creature that chose the crawl through a window...covered in mud...yes, the walls also appear as if a giant slug slithered up them!)

I love that the Mud Blog Monster has mud up to eyeballs, literally.  It has already started to dry.  I don't think he will cover his face quite so completely next time.
The rain is bittersweet!
I love that he is willing to roll in the mud and get dirty!

The rain is bittersweet!

Guess I'll need to get out my tiara...again!
Rain + Dirt + Boys = Dirty Muddy House

The rain is bittersweet!

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Kelly said...

Oh my! I'm impressed that you didn't freak out over all that mud IN THE HOUSE!