Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Praise and Prayer Please

Just a Random Quick Update...

On Friday, we (the little boys and I) will be traveling to the Phoenix Children's Hospital to meet with the nurse practitioner of a developmental pediatrician.  We've been waiting for two months for the referral to go through.  If finally did!  Thank you God!  The nurse practitioner will determine if Isaiah is in need of a developmental pediatrician or not.

Please pray for wisdom of the nurse practitioner to give us answers to Isaiah's disabilities.  We are hoping to get his hip issues dealt with and praying for some answers to his cognitive delays, and vestibular issues.
I will have all of the boys with me...please pray for me to have compassion and understanding.  I will need both to deal with all three boys in a waiting room and an office.  (Have you heard that my boys are not quiet?)

Thank you!

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