Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Note to my husband...

Dear Mr. Roth,
     You are at a school board meeting doing really important school board stuff.  (I know not of what is on the agenda ~ ever ~ due to an agreement that we would not speak of school board stuff to each other.  Thank you, and amen.)  I just FaceBooked (is that really a legitimate verb?) a note about needing wanting desiring a good cup of coffee.  In my comment/note/facebook I mentioned that you make the best coffee.  I just want the world to know that I think you are the best husband in the universe (and that is big)!  You greet me with a smile (most of the time), you give me hugs and kisses, you provide for our family, you take an active role as our spiritual leader, and you make great coffee (did I mention that part?). 
I think you are groovy!

     Beyond commenting on your amazing coffee making skills...I mentioned that I'm a princess.  In true princess manner...I would like to be addressed as such.  Not in a condensending tone, but in a reverent tone.  So tonight, when you come home and I'm asleep in bed (for once not FaceBooking, blogging, working, or doing whatever with my photos), you may kiss me goodnight, and say, "Goodnight my darling, princess wife.  I love you."  (But whisper it, ok.  Because I will be sleeping.)

With all my adoring affection and love,
Mrs. Roth Princess Robyn
AKA: Big Momma
AKA:  Mommy
AKA: Aunt Robyn
AKA: Robyn

PS:  Will you please load the coffee beans and set the timer on the machine so that I can wake up to the aroma of coffee brewing? 

Please?  It will save you $5 and the cost of fuel to take myself and the kids to town and another $5 in junk food (aka donuts) that the kids will bribe me into purchasing because I'm so in love with coffee and it makes me happy and I want all my children to love me....and be happy!

i love and adore you!
(Note to self:
Weird hotel room ~ camera on a timer shot...
needs major Photoshop!)

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