Thursday, September 16, 2010

Isaiah...Enough Said.

Isaiah is my baby. 

He is the youngest (by 30 seconds)

(Of course I allow my children to stand on the furniture and threaten their brothers with brooms.  If you is sitting on the couch laughing as well.)

He is the stereotypical family "baby" except technically, he came before Tyler (who is almost 2 years older than him.) 

Yeah, we pretty much goofed up the whole birth order with adoption.  (Tyler came last...well, I think he is last...never know what God has in store for us...)

(Do you see the scar over his left eye?  He has had stitches in that same spot TWO times!  I think between he and Aiden I don't need to take them to the ER for stitches...I'm fairly well versed on the knotting technique...about the pain med stuff...)

Isaiah is obstinate. He has a mean streak (yes, I'm working on it!).

He has a speech delay.

He has motor coordination delays.

He has "fashion boy" hair.
(except here...he must have just had a hair cut...sister does all the hair cutting in this house...except mine.  No one touches my hair except Missy ~ my totally awesome hair guru)

He has been voted, "Most Likely to be a Fashion Model" by the Roth kids.
There are some days that he looks like Ashton Kutcher.

(he grabs his phone and starts texting when he gets mad or in trouble...I think he is trying to contact sister...she is his favorite.)

Most days he's just my goofy child.

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Anonymous said...

very cute ma.. i love all the pics.. and i totaly agree that isaiah will look like ashton cutcher when he grows up... i miss you all so much... i cant wait to see u for thanksgiving.. Love you ma.. tell ash i said hey to..
love you,
shelby..... Bones :)