Monday, September 6, 2010

We Don't Want No Stinkin Bed Time!

The twins have decided they don't want to go to bed at night.

They aren't tired.
(Even though they play hard all day.)
They aren't scared.
(The closet light is left on.)
They aren't allowed to have toys.
(They play with them!)

They have a prayer.
(Thank you daddy.)
They have a song.
(Thank you mommy ~ and sometimes sister.)
They have each other.
(Thank you God.)
They have laughter.
(Thank you God.)

In an attempt to get them to sleep better, we put their beds together.
That helped ~ kinda.

They are each other's soul companion.
Aiden can get Isaiah to laugh hsterically just by laying next to him.

I usually just let them giggle, goof, laugh, yell, and play with each other.
I figure they will eventually wear out.
I need to work in the office...but,

they sneak out of their room...
and hide near the couch
so they can watch the video that sister and daddy are watching. 

The little turkeys!

Prayers are accepted on my behalf...and theirs!

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