Monday, September 20, 2010

The View From Here

Welcome to Arizona...
where it is not just a desert.
This is the view from our house. 
One of the things that I love about Arizona is the monsoon season.
Here in Northern/Central Arizona it hits July 4th weekend and lasts until the middle of August.
I have to is the BEST time of year.

The sky stays stormy...
the clouds move in and move around...

This is the western view from the backyard.
I love the lavendars and greys in the clouds.

(In the heat of the summer...the sunsets are orange and red.  It makes the sky appear as if it is on fire!)

Straight shot from the backyard.  There are little pockets in the cliffs.  It is such a nice place to wander around.
Look at the sky though...
simply amazing.

(Can you tell we live in a valley?  We are surrounded by mountains.)

(Tim and I do a little traveling.  I've never seen a more beautiful sunset than an Arizona sunset.)

I took a watercolor class at the college a couple of years ago.
I would try unsuccessfully to capture the beauty of the sky.
Then my teacher let me in on a little secret.
She said, "You can't recreate what God made.  Only He can create such beauty."

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