Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you Know Nuttella? Have You Been Aquainted? Make an Appointment!

I met Nutella about 4 years ago.  My mother, who is not is a fan of chocolate, introduced us.  {Where my mom discovered this nutty chocolateness (yes it is a word ~ it is chocolate and goodness all in one!) is beyond me.  I've never thought to ask her.  My mom didn't use to be a chocolate freak.  Who knew?} 
We've had a whirlwind relationship (yes, Nutella and I) ever since that first sceptical meeting.  (My mom was introducing me to a food ~ she tries to get me to eat healthy ~ of course I was skeptical.)

You need to know - a few of my favorite foods are chocolate and nuts.  In any combination.  Since the arrival of Nutella...well, you can only imagine my delight. 
Until Sunday night, my addiction has been a very purist relationship. 
Nutella on a spoon. 
Nutella on a graham cracker. 
Nutella on a knife. 
Nutella on a pretzel. 
Nutella on my fingers. 
Nutella on toasted sourdough bread. 

You get the idea?  We pretty much kept to ourselves.  Well, after wasting much needed work time browsing lurking blog sites I found this recipe. (OK - not much of a recipe because I didn't copy it verbatim.  I didn't copy it at all.  I didn't need to.  It is all in my head.)  I don't remember the site.  I can only tell you that I did not dream up this yummy concoction ~ someone much more creative than I did.  And to you ~ Nutella Queen...whoever you are...I applaud you!

Nutella and Banana Won Tons
(they are desirable as they sound!)

What you need:

an empty stomach
won ton wrappers
an appetite
the desire to be wowed
banana (peeled and sliced)
powdered sugar (optional in most houses except mine)

What you need to do:

1. Send your teenage daughter to the store to purchase won ton wrappers because you accidentally purchased egg roll wrappers (I shop with 2 year old twins and a 4 year old - cut me some slack!)
2.  Heat some oil in a pan.  (I used olive oil in a wok - it heats oil just fine thank you!)
3.  Lay out your won ton wrappers.
4.  Put a dollop of nutella in the middle of a won ton.  (Covertly lick the spoon - don't get caught - you will be forced to get out a new spoon.  Then you end up with all 12 of your spoons dirty.)
5.  Lay a slice of banana on top of the nutella yumminess.
6.  Moisten your finger (don't lick it! dip it in a cup of water!) and run it along the edges of the won ton.
7.  Fold won ton in half like a triangle.
8.  Squeeze edges together.
9.  Put in hot oil and fry until crispy golden brown in color.
10.  Remove from the oil.  (I put mine on a paper towel to assist in absorbing some of the oil.
11.  Sprinkle a little powdered sugar over them.
12.  Enjoy!! 

I found myself thanking God for giving the Nutella people wisdom to create such a yummy food,
           for granting the lovely lady (so I've not met her, but if she can create a masterpiece such as this she must be lovely) creativeness,
           and also for my mom ~ because if God hadn't given her to me I might not have ever met Nutella.

The family verdict on this savory morsel of goodness is...

"Mom, What is this?  Is it healthy?  Why is it fried?"

Ashley.  Just taste it!  Yes, of course it is healthy.
(OHGoodness ~ I have become my mother.)

She is taking a generous taste - she trusts my culinary skills.

Yes!  It is a hit with the discriminating teenager!
(I won't tell you how many she ended up eating that night!)

Tim is not a fan of my camera.  He hides most of the time.
"Please Tim ~ just taste it.  It is good."

Tim isn't a sweet treat eater ~ poor lost soul that he is...
To get him to taste this will be monumental.


Big thumbs up on taste.
(What a wimpy little taste he took ~ amateur.)

When eating the won tons ~ give them a minute to cool on the inside.
Just sayin...

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