Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Never Enough Time...

Once upon a time there were two splendorous girls.  Princess A came first and tracked out the plan for the Matron of Moxi (did I get that right Corey?  or was it Matron of Mojo?  I forgot my name!  the tragedy!) to join her soon.  The girls played tirelessly for many years...then one day the Matron of Mojo (pretty sure it was Mojo ~ I think Lady K is Moxi...) got married, had a beautiful daughter, adopted (all in one short span of time) three adventurous boys, and told Princess A to hurry up!  She did...and along came the stunning, siren Sedona. 

 The two mommies catch up as often as they are able...considering they are both mommies and they live in different states (geography people ~ not states of mind)...there are some silences.  Those peaceful, childhood friend, "it's ok to be silent" moments.  However, when the two splendid ladies embark on a moment...LOOK OUT! 
We laugh, cry, catch up, change diapers, change kids, chase kids, and just plain enjoy each other.  The time together though, is never long enough...

This summer, I had the pleasure of the company of Princess A and Sedona.  They brought along Kyle to act as their bodyguard.  (Plus, my Aiden really likes Kyle.)

  Being beautiful women (even if one of them is only a year and a half) they need to keep the admirers at bay.  (or something like that...it could be that Kyle was out of school and didn't mind the hour and a half trip up the mountain to my house...)  When our children get together...I freak.  My boys are BIG and they tend to be rambunctious.  Sedona is gentle and sweet and petite.  I worry about whether my boys will push her or just plain run her over.  I'm nervous that Sedona will be traumatized at the noise level in my home.

Never fear...she had them right where she wanted them...and she doesn't take "No" for an answer. 
"You Go Girl!"

Here is a glimpse from our stolen moments together...

My sunflowers were so pretty I decided to cut them down to use as props while taking pictures of the kids...
Yeah, that didn't happen the way we had it planned.
Look ~ our bellies are the same size...Princess A has a baby in her belly though...No excuse for a baby in mine!  Dangit!

Look at the rapture of joy on the faces of my boys...
and the delight on Sedona's face.  You can tell ~ she is going to be doing all the talking!

(Princess A made a remark about my house being akin to the Winchester Mystery Castle...more on that at another time...I'm just trying to explain the wall with spackling on it.)

They were down in the playroom and when lunchtime was announced ~ she grabbed both of their hands and brought them down the hall.

OMGoodness!  Look at Isaiah's face and his hand gesture!
"She likes me!"
Oh.  It's the famous "Check out my belly ritual."
Isaiah has the Face of Death on ~ I think it is directed at Tyler...Tyler is standing at "Attention" to the left of the photo...he's got the belly thing going on too!

Poor Sedona...she is wondering where all the classy city boys are.
Sorry honey, they are just country boys.  We do things differently around here.

Sedona, gesturing for Aiden to come join them, is getting angry looks from her other two suitors.
Aiden really didn't want to participate in the photography session.

Cousin Love!
(Yes Amy ~ I will email it!  I just keep forgetting!)

"Here, take the flowers.  Flowers are for "girlie girls"...

I'm a Biker Babe!

Two Friends...

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I was looking at how people got to my blog and it showed me your blog. First, wow, thank you for putting my on your blog roll.

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