Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't have more babies!

Do you currently only have one child?

Are you considering the addition of another child?

DON'T!!! Stop where you are at, thank God for your blessing, and pray that He will keep you happy with one child.


Think women! Who changes the pj's, the sheets, cleans the floor, cleans the toilet, washes the hands and faces of the children who puke?


Run very far from your husband when he suggests more.

OK - whew. Got that off my mind. So, obviously we have some type of virus going around our home. All three boys have the stuff coming from both ends. Yep, I said it on the blog. Pretty gross ~ Sorry Larry.

You know, when it was just Ashley, it was ONE child getting sick. Now, it is THREE boys getting sick. I'm worn out. I won't tell you how many times I've changed the sheets in the cribs this week (or my clothes). Poor Ellie (my dog) even got puked on once. Now, Tim tells me he's not feeling well. He is as bad as all three boys together!

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