Thursday, April 9, 2009

He's on the loose!

Oh, guess I should clarify which "he". Ashley's steer, Tex, has busted through the barrier between the backyard and the pasture. Normally, this wouldn't freak me out, but I have three kids under the age of three in the backyard! Fortunately, God was walking outside with me, because I randomly walked around the corner of the house and there he was (the steer, not God, well, God was with me, but not doing the destroying part)... munching on my flowering plum trees. After closer inspection of the yard, I realized he had been invading the toy space for quite some time. He trampled through my purple winter garden, ate the lemons out of the trashcan (I was juicing them), pooped a few times, tossed over a few containers with plants, and then went back to happily munching my trees. The rogue bovine was unhappily ushered out of the yard, and placed back into the pasture ~ only to snort at me and paw the ground. Silly steer ~ you didn't dump me in the mud when I tried to haul you last month ~ what makes you think I will let you endanger my kiddos and trample my pretty flowers?

Sorry no picts... I only took time to put the kiddos in the house before herding the little darling.

Here is a photo of the beautiful creature. He goes to the fair in a few weeks...

1 comment:

Christie said...

Wow. At least you know he'll have good breath. Flower fresh. Does that count?

Nice job roundin' him up.