Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Oh... on so many levels too!

  • Was it when I decided to stop at our local grocery store to pick up jalapenos and peppers to spice up the tomato salsa I made last week? (and ended up buying my second Starbucks coffee for this week?)

  • Was it this morning, when I decided to empty my refrigerator to check for ripe veggies? (and figure they need to be eaten today or canned? oh great, like I have time for that!)

  • Was it when I sent my 3 YO out to the chicken coup to dump the rotten veggies? (he wouldn't go in the pen so he dumped the veggies on the ground outside the chicken fence because he was too short to reach over the fence...nice mess to clean up.)

  • Was it when I looked at my chore chart and realized I needed to change sheets today? (I HATE changing crib sheets! It is a pain!)

  • Was it when I decided to use up the last of the oatmeal cookie dough I had saved in the fridge and forgot to set the timer so they burned! (my step dad will love them - gross)

Nope, folks... I want to know where I went wrong with my blackberry preserves/jam/jelly whatever. It hasn't "set" yet. The book/Internet site says I can redo it after a week if it hasn't set. Does it normally take this long? Chime in ladies...I need a little advice.

Staci...about that jar I promised you...

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Staci said...

I am laughing out loud, it's fine I can wait!!! No for real I have no advice, I am still in shock that you go through your fridge to take out the stuff BEFORE it goes bad. I usually wait until something smells funny.