Monday, April 27, 2009

Blackberry Jam!

This is the start of "Hell Week" for us. (aka: Fair Week)

Just to start off the week with craziness, I thought I would make some blackberry preserves with the blackberries I bought at our co-op last weekend. It was fun. It was easy. I hope it all turns out good! I can't wait to try it.

Off to finish loading, cooking, cleaning, preparing to leave for the week. We will be living out of our horse trailing, and doing a little commuting... I love this week....NOT!

I'll post picts of the craziness tonight ~ if I'm awake...

Lots of soccer action this past weekend...Ashley's team took first place at the soccer tournament. Saturday's games were fairly easy ~ 2 wins, 0 losses. Sunday was a little more aggressive on the field. They lost the first game, but came back to win that same team in the championship game in the afternoon. Ashley struggled with shin splints. She had a track meet on Friday evening, and with all of the running from Friday, and the games on Saturday, her body was trying to recover. For Friday's track events, she ran the 300m hurdles, the 800m race, high jump, and...hmmm...can't remember the 4th event. I think she was suppose to run the 800m relay, but I don't remember watching that race. (ooppss...)

More later!

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Staci said...

Girl how do you do it. I am exhausted by 6 pm with the 2 I have I can't imagine adding another toddler plus all the activities you have. Yum blackberry jam. I have only been able to find it once at the store where we live.