Friday, April 17, 2009


Whew! I'm glad this week is almost over. It has been crazy and busy!

Sunday, found us at church watching an amazing Resurection play that a few of our members participated in, then we headed home to celebrate the Resurrection with family. My mom, stepdad, and 2 of my nephews came to visit. It was such a relaxing day. No major cooking went on, there was no crazy egg hunt, nothing but a sweet, relaxing afternoon with family. The kids had a blast. I have photos, and will post those soon on another day.

Monday, the boys and I headed up the hill to another city to have Tyler's ears checked out. He has tubes, and this would be the one year check up. Yep. They are still there (ears and tubes). We can only pray that they will continue working. We haven't had a single ear infection since October. (no jinxing!) Then he was ushered into the hearing box. Well, a little different story there. He quit responding at 50 ~ (Not sure what the 50 means, but...) so... they are sending us to the School for Deaf and Blind to have more tests run. We aren't worried about anything major ~ we just want to be sure. I told the doctor that if worse comes to worse we will all become bilingual and learn sign language! No biggie. Then, for the fun part! I hit the Target store on the way home ~ hey, we don't have big commercial chain stores where I live...I do what a girl must when she can! The boys needed summer jammies, and I needed...well, nothing. Bummer for me. Anyway! On the way home, since the boys were such great troopers all during the hearing stuff and the shopping stuff, I suggested a picnic in the woods. (You need to realize that when I said up the hill, that meant a drive through a forest on the way to the next major city.) I sat all three boys on a bench, gave them their lunch, and proceeded to get my camera from the truck. They were cute. They were adorable. They were behaving! I had to capture the moment...only to realize...the camera battery was still in its charger at home! Oh I cried tears of frustration and yelled. I will never have that moment digitally enhanced. What a bummer! (Yes, I used my cell phone, but it isn't the same!)

Tuesday found us in yet another town for an eye exam for Tyler. I have to say, the doctor and his staff were absolutely incredible. I will probably switch from my eye doctor the that office just for the compassion and understanding that they showed Tyler. They didn't even complain when they saw the entire wagon train come rolling in. (Remember I have 15 month old twins! Boys! Most doctor's offices freak, and wonder why I don't hire a babysitter...) It turns out that Tyler is slightly farsighted (which the doctor said is OK for now, but he wants to watch), and he has an astigmatism. That means, he gets glasses. The doctor said the astigmatism in kids his age can go either way. As he matures, his eyes might improve. For now, glasses when watching tv, reading, coloring, etc. Whew. I'm exhausted already!

Wednesday I usually work. This week, however, they didn't need me. That left the twins and I home alone all day! We played, napped, did lots of laundry, and relaxed. I even got to watch disc 2 of Bones Season 3! Yippee! It is so funny to watch the littles interact with each other when it is just the 2 of them. They crack themselves and each other up! They chased each other, teased each other, wrestled, and just enjoyed being with each other. I needed that day!

Along came Thursday...Tim took off for his yearly fishing trip with my stepdad and Tim's best friend. They didn't catch anything by the way! I have heard about a very funny video that was filmed while they were there. Three men in a fishing boat with a camcorder. I can only imagine what is on that video. I will let you know if it goes to uTube. I haven't seen it either, but Tim told me about it!

Isaiah had his turn with the specialists today. He doesn't walk well, and he doesn't talk. I called our state Early Intervention hotline a month ago, and they did the assessing. Yesterday, they showed up with a team of three for the evaluation portion. (They assess first to determine if there is a need for evaluating. Next is the actual therapy.) Isaiah, normally my shy, quiet, introvert child was in heaven. He had three ladies working with him on his speech, physical development, and cognitive development. He was so good! I feel so blessed to have these ladies help us out. They have pointed out some developmental delays that Isaiah is having that I didn't realize. We will get him walking and talking by the end of the year. Hurray...I think. :)

TGIF!!!! Friday is Ashley's day to eat breakfast out. Since she catches the bus on the other side of the freeway at 6:55am, that means we have to leave early. Today she chose McDonald's. Not nutritional, not healthy, not even very good, but it is quick, and it is near the freeway! The boys were thrilled! They ate at McDonald's, and they didn't have to wait until 7:30am when breakfast is normally served to them! I have absolutely NO appointments that need to be kept today. I have absolutely no responsibility to anyone (other than the care of my kiddos) to do anything. Guess what? I'm in my jammies!!!! I even turned the tv on! (Huge, big deal. I don't often allow the kids to watch tv.) Isaiah is standing at my bedroom door screaming, but other than that...the world is good.

Tim and I are heading to Ms. Morgan's house tonight. (and Mr. Nic's house...) Tim's going to fix a leaking faucet, and I get to see the newlywed's home! I'm so excited. They have only lived there for 1 week! Yeah! Congrats on the new home, Nic and Morgan!

Now for my problem...

I uploaded all of my photos from my computer to a portable hard drive. I was hoping to free up some space, save my photos in case of a computer crash, and most importantly make my computer work quicker. It hasn't worked. What am I doing wrong?

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