Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday...

It is a good Friday! We have so many things to be thankful for, but the most important reason for today is the fact that Jesus died to save us from our sins. Thank you Lord for the promise of eternal life.

I'm also thankful that Ashley didn't have to go to school ~ so...the babies didn't have to wake up which meant we all (except Tim) got to sleep in. YEAH! I didn't get out of bed until 6:30am. Whoo hoo! OK ~ I was awake before then, but still in bed...with all three boys.

Ms. Morgan is getting getting married tomorrow (Sat.) so the boys, Ashley, and I headed up to the church to help decorate. It was so much fun! Thanks Morgan for letting me be a part of your special moment. (I don't remember decorating the church, or the reception hall for my wedding...)

During nap time, Ashley sat down to watch the Season 3 episodes of Bones, and I joined her, but with a pillow under my head. Yep, I actually got a nap in! I didn't get to see Bones, but hey, it is a NetFlix ~ who cares! I'll watch it Sunday night.

Then for the scarey moment...Morgan called and asked if I would be her backup photographer. I'm honored, thrilled, and scared to death. I'm not a photographer, but I love to take photos. Thanks Morgan for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for your confidence in my ability!

AND FINALLY ~ Tim's mom has said she wanted to be the first person down the slide. Isaiah, was actually the first person, but... tonight, Jo got the call from Tim. "Mom. The slide is safe, come try it out." Through the yard, and over the pasture she came. She had a smile a mile wide on her face. She was so brave. She immediatley went to the ladder and climbed up into the first tower then, without hesitation, headed across the bridge (she didn't realize that it was not solid ~ it is flexible) and she had a moment of excitement. She reached the second tower and ducked into the slide. Wheeeee......

Great day!

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