Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

Nope, not talking about the twins in this post...

I'm talking about Isaiah and Ashley.

If you know Ashley, you've met her attitude at least once.

Isaiah, sadly/tragically/unfortunately/ironically has become her protege.

Isaiah can kick a ball better than I can.

He can roll his eyes, glare with vengence/rage/disinterest...

And...he has ATTITUDE.

Do Not Mess With Isaiah. (especially when big sister is around)

Look at these two. They are so much alike it is scarey. (Even scarier when you remember Isaiah was adopted. God works in mysterious ways. He has blessed us many times over!)


Staci said...

Oh that is so funny. My Ashley has a major attitude too, it must be those teen years. When will it be over? haha

Robyn said...

One can only hope soon!!!