Friday, April 3, 2009

Soccer Girl!

For those of you who know Ashley, you know that soccer is a passion of hers. She has been playing since the age of 6, and playing competitively since the age of 9. She has been playing "goalie" the last few years, with limited time outside of the box. This year, she had a new coach, and he brought her out of the box (literally and figuratively) to play a new position. I couldn't tell you exactly what that position is called...She was able to score a lot of goals this year though. It was a lot of fun watching her score (normally she keeps them out of the goal). She scored with her head, her left foot, and her right foot. Pretty good! So good in fact, she was the highest goal scorer for her team. Yeah Ashley! Check out her soccer pictures...she has definitely grown up. By the way, she doesn't like any of them!

The coach hired a professional photographer to come in and take picts of the girls. I like these so much better than the goofy sports picts I normally get to choose from!

Momma's Play Pen...I loved when we had home games because I could just back the Excursion up to the fence and watch the game without chasing the boys. Although Aiden would continually drop his cars out of the back and try to get them...

This was a very funny moment, all of the soccer girls had just come off the field from warming up and starting stripping down to get their uniform on...both boys simply watched the girls. I had to laugh!


Christie said...

So cool! She sounds like she's amazing at soccer!
I love the photos of the boys in the back of the car. Funny that they're already looking at the girls.

Robyn said...

Boys will be boys!
Although I'm sure it was just the fact that the boys were drawn to the noise and laughter of the girls.