Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Swings!

What do you do when you are home alone with two 4 month old infants and dinner needs to be on the table in 20 minutes so the family can run home, shovel food into their mouths and get out of the house on time? Why hire the cheapest babysitter around...

I had just arrived home with Ashley from her last physical therapy appointment (yeah!) and had about 45 minutes to get dinner on the table so Tim could make it to his posse meeting on time. Tim and Ashley had to leave to go get some stuff from a friend so Ashley could finish her homework - that left the boys and I at home alone trying to get dinner ready. Well, they were not happy - so what do I do? Put them outside in their swings! They love swinging outside. At one point, the swings had stopped and I was on my way out when I saw Jessey rolling around in front of the boys. She was so funny. The basketball was sitting in front of the boys, and she was trying to keep them happy. We have such great dogs. Ellie doesn't really do much other than lick them and sleep with them. She will come and get me if they are crying and I don't move fast enough for her. We are lucky not only to have three great kids, but also to have two awesome dogs!

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