Friday, May 30, 2008

Ashley's Home!

Yeah! Ashley is home.

We watched "Invasion" tonight. Does anyone know, Is the movie based on the old film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" It was definately weird.

Answer to my drink question:

Caramel Macciato with two pumps of mocha. After reading up on the total calories, I threw the nasty, fat laden, artery clogging, sugar filled beverage away! I only drank half. From now on - I drink my own brew or buy an herbal tea. There - it is now public. No more Starbucks coffee/macciato/frappacino/latte beverages. (I do love their peppermint mocha during winter...)

My healthy eating friends will be glad to know that my day got better regarding my food choices. For lunch I had a slice of turkey with cream cheese and cayanne pepper sprinkled on it, with a slice of cheddar cheese, and an apple with fresh cinnamon sprinkled on it. Cinnamon is supposed to maintain positive blood sugar levels throughout the day...

Snacks were nachos (homemade) and salsa. Dinner - pizza and wings. All homemade. Dessert was the best. I don't know what it is called, but we learned how to make it when we were at camp in Georgia. You take a tortilla and spread peanut butter on it. Then you sprinkle mini marshmallows over the peanut butter. Next, you sprinkle chocolate chips over the marshmallows. Toss it in the oven and turn on the broiler. Broil until the marshmallows turn brown. It is the BOMB!

Oh - this is also the first day that I've actually gotten all 64 oz of water in me! Huge achievement. I don't drink enough. Often I will go all day with out drinking anything other than an occasional sip of water. I've also quit drinking soda. I usually would have one soda a day. Now I'm down to one every 2-3 days. It is diet soda so it isn't too bad calorie wise, but my little brother Lance said that the diet soda could be the cause of my migraines. Hmmm... something to think about.

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