Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boys At the Fair

This is a photo of Tim holding Isaiah and my good friend, Leanna, holding Aiden. Leanna held Aiden every chance she got. I would often have to go looking for her because she would just walk and walk with him.
It is good to have great friends!
I took Aiden's "Jumparoo" with us because he loves it! This particular afternoon, he got so tired he just fell asleep. I also had to purchase a pair of shoes. He didn't like his feet on the gravel.
This is Isaiah hanging out with Aiden. He was just sitting and looking around. He likes to watch the people.
The boys stayed snug as a bug in their "trailer bed". There is a spot that is between our bed and the window in the trailer. It was perfect for the boys. They both slept very well there.
The boys "chillin" while we were packing up.

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