Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Fine Dining Experience

We ate with our friends Larry and Michelle and two of their daughters tonight. We ate at "Fransisco's". I wanted Mexican food - they had a very limited Mexican menu. I ordered the fish tacos. Very yummy. I do recommend the restaurant, but it isn't like the Mexican food restaurants that we in AZ are used to. I also had a Sangria Marguerita. It was good too. OK - all of the food was good. Ashley had a very unusual enchilada - it was filled with sour cream. Very yummy.

After dinner we sat for a long time just talking. That is the best part of dining with friends. Although our food was good - with friends - it often doesn't matter. It is just the company you keep.

On a lighter note - Ashley will be sharing her bed with Isaiah tonight. He adores his big sister! She secretly likes him too. :)
When we got back from dinner, she took him from his car seat and played with him. A lot. Now, it is almost 10:00 pm and he isn't tired. She gets him because she got him all wired up! They played and giggled and teased. She thinks that she can just put him down and he will sleep. NOT! We will see what she thinks in about 1/2 an hour...

I got a great shot of Aiden and Ashley sitting on the bed watching UTube this afternoon. I can't wait until we get home to upload a few of the photos!

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