Friday, May 9, 2008

Greetings from Durango, CO!

Wow - March was my last entry. Well, much has happened since then. I'll try to catch everyone up...

Ashley has had two soccer tournaments. They placed first at a tounie down in Phx. It was a good time - but very busy. Then we ended up heading to Prescott for a tournament. The weather was awful. There was 30 mile per hour winds. Fortunately, we took the horse trailer to sleep in so I stayed out of the wind with the boys. It was their first camping trip. They did fabulous. The girls placed 2nd in that tournament.

Ashley also had her end of season show for her cows. She took all three to the fair. Coral, her 3 year old cow, took "Best of Class", but that was by default. She was the only one in her class. ;)
Breezy, her 1 year old heifer, also took "Best of Class", truly working for it. Then, when it came down to the Grand Champion drive, Breezy, the red heifer, took the show. It was very exciting. Ashley has great hopes for her breeding program this summer. Coral, unfortunately didn't place very high in the drive for the champion. She was slightly overweight.
The steer show on Friday night was very intense. She has a pretty steer named, Joker. Joker placed 4th for conformation. The judge said that Joker was too short in the back.
For showmanship, Ashley did great. In her breeding class she took 1st place, and in her steer competition she placed 2nd. We think she did a great job.

Ashley turned 14 on May 5!
Yep, one year of teenager-itis down and 5 more to go. Oh golly - please pray for us! At least she isn't driving yet. She opted for a quiet birthday. With her upcoming trip to Holland, she has requested cash. So, she was given cash instead of a party. We also gave her a new show stick since she bent hers while walking Breezy one afternoon. :0

During the week at "fair" we took the horse trailer to the fairgrounds and stayed there. It was so nice this year not to have to commute back and forth. The boys really enjoyed being there as well. They slept in each morning, had a different woman holding them at every little whimper, and basically were pampered and spoiled! They did great in the trailer. We were home for 3 days, and now we are off again.

This weekend we are in Durango. This place is amazing. I love it here. I truly feel "at home" here. Today, we dropped Ashley at the rec. center, and Tim and I took a walk along the Anamas River. It was so pretty. The weather is perfect. We had dinner at "Mama's Boy" Italian restaurant. Yep, it is worth every penny. The food was fabulous. We had great company as well. Tim's assistant coach, his wife, and family took us. It is always good to spend the evening in the company of good food and good friends. I enjoyed a glass of wine as well.

The boys will be 4 months old this Sunday. Can you believe it? I know - I'm behind on pictures. I will try to get some up next week. Things might slow down... I can only hope. We seem to be running all the time. It is a good thing that the boys tolerate their car seats.

Aiden has started on rice cereal and LOVES it! All you have to do is show him his bowl and he will sit and let you feed him. Isaiah is a pain. He cries the whole time you are feeding him his cereal. He just wants a bottle. He gets so dramatic.

I've seen Isaiah roll from his tummy to his back two different days. He won't do it on demand though. I don't know if it was a fluke thing or not. Neither boy likes to be on his belly. Oh - a funny story - the other day, I put both boys on their tummies in their crib. They were facing each other so they would entertain each other while I was putting away clothes. They started out talking to each other, but eventually scooted together and were crying and wrestling. It was so funny!

We start the soccer tournie tomorrow morning. Please keep us in your prayers. Ashley's team is playing as a U16 team this weekend (they are a U14 team usually). The competition will be tough, and the teams are more intense here. It will prove to be an exciting day!

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