Friday, May 9, 2008

Mama's Big Day Out

A couple of weeks ago I was able to take advantage of not working by playing in a golf tournament. I've played in this particular tournament before, but not always playing well. I am stronger now - thanks to my hefty size boys - so my swing is better. I'm also playing with new clubs. Well, kinda new. Tim's mom gave them to me when I graduated with my Master's degree. I've only used them twice! Yep - lots of dust was cleaned off. Anyway. The first couple of holes were just ok - but after that, I "got my groove on!" My swing is greatly improved. I just wish I had time to play more often!

A former student came from Flagstaff to babysit for me. She is a great person, and she actually used to babysit Ashley when she was younger. She was so confident. After spending an hour and a half alone with the boys though - she had to call in reinforcements. ;p

Then I got a text that they were heading out for lunch. The boys got to hit the town with a bunch of girls. The had lunch with 4 or 5 girls at a local bbq restaurant, then off to the few townsfolk who haven't met them yet! I would get a text every so often telling me where they were. I'm always worried when the kids are out with other people. I'm glad that we live in a small, rural town that I don't have to freak about it!

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