Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Nightly Dose and other Random Thoughts

OK - I found my "Nightly Dose" ~ it's running. OK - it is "wogging." Wogging is a cross between jogging and walking. My heart rate monitor has me wogging right now. Guess my heart and my mind are not in the same shape. I've run (run because it is shorter to type) the last two nights and I feel rejuvenated! I love it. I have to run after the boys fall asleep so that means it gets to be a little late. Really late tonight. Isaiah was having a weird night - he didn't want to go to bed. Either he had a gas bubble in his belly or his teeth are really bothering him. Therefore, I didn't get started until 10:pm. Yuck. Anyway - how do you stretch your hips? Mine hurt after running. I'm going to soak in a hot bath in few minutes...

Coffee Addiction

OK - I didn't really like coffee until I discovered Starbucks. Let's face it - the actual coffee isn't that good and it is really overpriced, but we still drink it. If you put enough mocha and caramel in it anything will taste good. I discovered a web site that delivers coffee beans (or ground) to your door. It is called Boca Java. They have great coffee. I don't even have to add anything to mine sometimes. I got my monthly shipment today. They also have tea. The best tea. Even better than Whittard's Irish Cream. Those of you who know of my Whittard's obsession know that this tea is good. My dilemna is this: I had my heart set on Starbuck's for my Friday morning. I was going to go into town, (driving my vehicle - not walking) hit the bank, and Starbucks, visit with the locals at the supermarket, get a few items for dinner, and wander home. Now, with my new coffee - I might have to make my own. Whatever will I do? I'll let you know tomorrow. I ordered Hound Dog Heaven for this month. It is rich peanut butter and creamy banana coffee. It smells divine. I'm sniffing it as I type. I might have my mind made up already...

Ashley comes home on Friday!

I'm so excited - Ashley will be home in 18 hours. I've actually missed her! Not that missing her is surprising, but she has only been gone for 3 days and I've talked to her twice. She even sounded a little homesick. What will she do in Holland for 2 weeks? She will not be taking a cell phone - that is for sure.

Breeding Beef

Ashley's little heifer, Breezy, came into heat today. We called our good friends to come help inseminate her. Actually, they do all the work - we just stand and watch. Now we wait the 21 days to see if she "took." The odds are good that she did - we were able to find her at her optimum peak. The cow, Coral, was bred a couple of weeks ago. We are hoping to have two babies next spring (late winter).

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