Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Daily Dose

Aren't these two of the most handsome boys you've seen? They are my daily dose. My men that are with me 24/7! This photo was taken this last weekend at my mom's house. I often have two in a front carrier, but Aiden is getting a bit big...
During the school year I had a routine. Monday through Thursday I would take Ashley to school. Two of those days I would stop off at the local supermarket for a Starbucks and some socializing on the way home. That is the beauty of a small town ~ everyone gathers at the supermarket at some point so you can visit. I'm one of those people. The boys love the produce department because Nancy always picks them up and holds them. Granny Howe is there on Mondays and Wednesdays and so we usually stop one of those days so she can see the boys, Michelle now works at Starbucks and knows the entire town so people are always stopping to see her, and therefore if you are around, you can visit with them as well. Do you understand the cycle? We are often bored here! Back to me and my dilemna. So, now that school is out I don't have any reason to drive my large vehicle around town wasting finite resources. What is a girl to do? I miss my expensive, overpriced, wickedly fat laden, sinfully delicious coffee. Yes, I can make a pot at home - and I often do. I only want one cup though... On Fridays, we would stop at Beto's and get breakfast burros. The best place in town for fast Mexican food. Only it's not so fast because they don't cook it until you order it and if there are a lot of people... just call your order in people! Maybe we won't give up Fridays. ;)

So - my plan is this. I will walk every morning. OK - so it isn't a great plan, but I figure that eventually I will be able to walk all the way in town for that coffee and it will be guilt free! Plus, it will kill about 3 1/2 hours of my morning. I figure about 1 1/2 hours to get to town, 1/2 hour to drink coffee and socialize, then back home.

My 5K training is back on. For those of you who were supporting me before the boys - get your shoes ready. I'm back. I'm starting from the beginning though. I find that I don't have the time during the day so I'm running at night. I had just finished my running session last night when Isaiah woke up. I didn't get to stretch or cool down very well. Hopefully tonight will be better. When Ashley gets back into town she will be relentless. She pushes me very hard. Dang those young people and their energy and lithe bodies.
I recently found out that our town hosts a 10K every year. I'm thinking of trying it this year. I'll let you know. Anyone want to run with me?

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