Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

That was the song I heard a mom singing two years ago after I dropped Ashley off on her first day of 8th grade. The mom was singing, skipping, and smiling. I was baffled. She was GLAD that her children were gone from home? What was she going to do all day? I knew she was a stay at home mom ~ how was she ever going to fill her days with her kiddos gone? I smiled politely and silently wondered, "what is her secret?"

Ashley ~ Aug. 2007 ~ First Day of Eighth Grade

That day was my first "First Day of School" that I wasn't teaching. It was sad for me to be at the post office on the first day of school. It was 9:00am, and I was already bored! (We didn't have the littles yet.) What was I going to do all day?
I found countless little volunteer jobs to keep me busy, I took a class at a community college, I found a part-time job, I waited (impatiently) for a call from the adoption agency.

Last year's "First Day of School" was filled with less anxiety over what to do all day and more with "Yeah! I get my radio station back!" I excitedly drove Ashley to school, waved goodbye, watched her walk onto a high school campus for the first time, and sighed heavily. I prayed that we had taught her how to handle difficult situations with grace and dignity. I prayed that God would give her strength to stand up for her beliefs.

Ashley and Isaiah ~ no, not the first day of freshman year, but the twins found my portable hard drive and absconded with it. I found the hard drive, but not the usb cord. Until then... old photos or really new photos.

This year, we took the obligatory pictures, then I headed up to the freeway to drop her at the bus stop. Yep. She is an old pro at the high school thing, and me? Well, she's ridden the bus before. What's the big deal?

Ashley ~ August 2009 ~ First Day of Sophomore Year

I actually asked her last night, "What's the deal with the first day of school ~ bus vs. drop off? Do I take you to school and photograph your first day steps onto campus, or drop you off for the bus?"

"I don't know," Ashley answered with a baffled look.

"Good. Bus it is. See you in the morning," I replied, relieved that I wouldn't have to drive the 30 minutes to the next town over to the school. I have three kids that are three and under. The 12 minutes to the bus stop is cake!

Or so I thought...

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Staci said...

She has already started school. Whoa! Ashley doesn't start until Sept 7.