Monday, August 17, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for


On a normal Friday night, you would find our little boys tucked into bed. Last Friday however, they were found eating ICE CREAM!

Our family has this ritual:

Tim gets the boys ready for bed.

Robyn heads up to the freeway for ice cream. (It is the closest place to find ice cream!)

Robyn, Tim, and Ashley eat ice cream and watch a movie.

It's not much ~ but, it's what we do.

This week, I told Tim that Tyler deserved to have ice cream with us. So, up to the freeway we went. Fortunately, the weather was amazing and we were able to comfortably sit outside.

I bought a sundae and a cone for Tim, a cone for Tyler, and a cone for the twins to share. The twins don't get a lot of sweets so I didn't want to overload them.

The sharing didn't go so well. Tim ended up giving Isaiah his cone. I thought that I would be able to share with the twins. NO WAY! They were not having any of that.

Isaiah even went so far as to SHOVE the last 3 bites into his mouth all at once. I only asked for a little bite of his cone. He took the entire thing and shoved it into his mouth.

The quiet movie thing? Not quite so quiet. The boys, not being used to that much sugar, were flying off the walls. We finally got Tyler and Isaiah down, but Aiden was planning an all nighter with mom and dad. Oh fun!

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