Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Goof!

My mom's birthday is today! Happy Birthday!

Last weekend she came up to visit, and we celebrated her birthday. It was a fun day!

First, we had lunch. I made a pan of chicken enchiladas, and a pan of beef enchiladas (TK's recipe ~ mmmm...), as well as Spanish rice, and a salad. (Which my mom did not eat. She's a big chicken. It had feta cheese in it and she refused. She didn't get all her veggies that day. What kind of role model is that? She doesn't drink milk either, but that is for another day.)

The family dinner.

Ashley, Chandler, Tim, Aiden, Goof holding Isaiah, Larry, Tyler, and hiding behind Tyler, Cameren.
Then, we began a rousing game of Speed Scrabble. At which point, my mother soundly beat the pants off of all of us! She won the first 4 games without blinking an eye! She even had Tyler on her lap while she was trying to play.

Goof and Tyler, her good luck charm!

"OK Tyler, we are going to win every game today. Lets start spelling."

"I won!" Larry needing a Waldo shot! He just wanted to be near a winner.I think she's cheating!

Yeah! I won! (Larry still feeling needy and left out wanted his photo taken too!)

I won again! High five!

OK - this is getting gross. It's a family blog. Back away from the spouse. I'm quitting.
Then, we had cake and ice cream. Actually, it was an ice cream cake. I make them for birthdays. My mom said she wanted chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream. Of course we had to have all ?? candles on the cake. When Tim saw the candles he said, "Oh no. Wait for a minute. I'll be right back." Off he went to the shed. He came back with a blow torch! Tim just walked into the room and asked why I was putting fireworks on my blog! Does that say something about all the candles?

We lit her candles with a lighter and a blow torch. Yep, we are very safe around here. By the way, how many homes actually have blow torches in their sheds? Hmmm...

Goof did a GREAT job blowing all of the candles out. Although there was an awful lot of wax on the frosting..."I wanted to blow out the candles." The big kids, Cameren, Ashley, and Chandler.

They quizzed each other on the states and capitals during dessert. Such a lovely conversation. Larry ate three large pieces of cake. Since they have over an hour's worth of driving he knew the cake would not make the trip back to the city. He was bound and determined to get at much as he could.
Of course there were gifts, and cards. Larry and the boys brought up their gifts for grandma too.

Then, sadly, it came time to see them go. My kids never like to see grandparents leave. They climb in their vehicles.
Seriously, do the kids think we wouldn't notice they were gone?

Grandma Goof, we had a great afternoon with you guys. We hope you have a great day!

Tim, Robyn, Ashley, Tyler, Aiden, and Isaiah

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Hey Robyn... Can you send me your enchilada and spanish rice recipe please.....