Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moody Musings of a Stay At Home Mom

I'm in a funk. A few months ago I was asked to fill out a questionnaire. It was simple and silly. A lot of favorite this and favorite that, what are your short term goals and long term goals both professionally and personally, where do you expect to be in 5 years, blah, blah, blah. Well, it got me to thinking. Yep, it can be frightening. I don't know if I have any favorites. Is green really my favorite color? Why is green my favorite color? How do I like my eggs? I don't know. I just scramble everything. Truly, I don't really care for scrambled eggs. I filled out the questionnaire, mailed it back to the company and went on feeling slightly "off". Then, a couple of days ago, my Dove Promises Dark Chocolate wrapper said to "indulge in your secret desire". I didn't know I was suppose to have a secret desire. What is my secret desire? Is it to own Dove Chocolates? Is it to travel the world? I simply don't know!

Do all stay at home moms lose their identity? Am I alone in this world where I have forgotten myself beyond cook/maid/chauffeur/nurse/organizer/teacher/... My very good friend TK is also a stay at home/ homeschooling mom. Her home is in a horse trailer. She travels with her hubbie as the family rodeos. Normally, I would call her or she would call me and we would always feel good after talking. One of us might be down, but by the end, we would both be feeling good. Yesterday was a different story. We must have both been down. So, TK ~ if your reading this ~ I'm sorry for not being your rock yesterday. I will be better next time. I also started my own personal journey ~ or I will start it. I'm making it public for all the world to hold me accountable for...

  • I will meet with another mom once a week for lunch. (I will not hide in my home.)

  • I will drive to the city once a month for a cultural or fun trip. (We live in the country. No zoos, museums, amusement parks, kid friendly restaurants, water parks, etc.)

  • I will find time every day to exercise.

Yep. That's it. Just three things. I'm ADD ~ if you add to many more in there I would be overwhelmed and simply rebel. So - those of you who know where I live. Please give me suggestions. I'm lost in this land of hibernation. I've decided NOT to let my rural small town keep me down.

I'm going to adventure!

I'm going to find out about ME!


Anonymous said...

I love the post . Together we can find ourselves and hopefully add a little excitement to out lives.

Chris, Pat, Kinley & Quinn said...

I am with you. If you ever come done to Phoenix on a Monday or Friday please let me know. We would love to join you on a fun outing. Or you are welcome to come and join a playgoup at our house. Lots of kids to play with and adults to have conversation with.