Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Kid Play Time

The boys stood for a few minutes discussing the best way to get over there. Arm over arm, or sit on top and slide.

Tim built a HUGE playground for the kids to play on. Tim is simply a big kid in a man's body. During the construction of this playground it has morphed into a playground on steriods.

Tonight's dare was...see who could go all the way out to the end of bar where the tire swing is suppose to be... three were up to the challenge. Check out to see who was first...

Here's a wasn't these two!

My me a playground with a slide and swings. I want a tower that the kids can play on, and have shade underneath it.

Tim's idea...slides ~ multiple slides, rock wall, rope ladder, and zip line.

My humble playground is so big that my big kids can play on it... Ironically, it is not yet finished. I'll give you a tour.
Do you see Ashley? She skipped the whole "shimmy across the swing pole" and went right for the edge!

Here is Ashley on the right. She didn't use any stinkin' ladder to get up, she swung up and started halfway! There are three swings, and the pole that is at a 45degree angle is where the tire swing will go. I have to find a retractable metal shade for my large window first.

This is now unofficially my favorite picture. I love the cross in the background. I looks really cool! Good Job, Tim.
Tim added the cross, and even put electricity up there. That way we can string lights on it.
My fear: electrical rod.

I had forgotten that I haven't posted picts of the remodel. I'll have to get busy. You can see in the background that the a/c unit is up and the roof is there. We are puting on a tin roof. Very cool. I love it. We will do the entire house eventually. We will definately have to wait until the rainy season is over. Tim fell off the roof this week. It wasn't pretty.

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