Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Hair...Again...

Yep, Ashley and I headed down to The Big City for cut and color.
Well, I got the cut and color...
Ashley looks the same.
Me? I don't care what my hair looks like...I got a massage.

Well, it wasn't a full body Swedish, but it felt good.

OK - It was a MINI massage.

Fine, it was somebody else washing my hair, but it felt so good!

What is it about having someone play with your hair that simply vanishes all bad thoughts and spirits from the air?

I suffer from migraines. I've had 2 already this week. Last night, I confessed to Roland, my hair Guru, that two nights in a row I've had to take my migraine meds. He sympathized (of course, all good hair gurus know when to oohh and aahh), and said his wife had been getting them more frequently and that it had to do with the weather. Hmmm....

Apparently, I had tuned him out because he finally asked, "Robyn, are you relaxing?" No, I wasn't sleeping. I was sincerely relaxing in the peace and quiet of a closed beauty salon (we frequently go after hours. Not cheaper ~ just quieter.) that didn't have two 18 month old boys, and a 3 year old boy running around like chickens. Ashley was quietly reading the new Oxygen magazine, and Roland was massaging my temples so my headache would abate. (I still had an hour drive home!) I love getting my hair done.
Photography courtesy of Ashley. I seldom get my photo taken, but when Ashley is behind the lens...I get lots of photos.

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